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Business Breakthrough: Every Answer Is Within A Question

Hey, Mike Agugliaro, business ninja, founder of the twenty three million dollar business blueprint and, yeah, service business warrior mastermind bringing you another business breakthrough here today. I’m a little more low key, so I just want to bring it nice and slow. What are you kidding me? No way in hell am I bringing it slow, I’m bringing it head on because that’s what they business ninja does.

Today I want to tell you this. I want to tell you less, but ask you more because every answer you need is within a question, it’s not within a statement and over and over again I watch business owners go out there, “You gotta do this. You gotta say this.” “When you go there you gotta do this and tell you that.” “Let me tell you about this.” Yeah I get a little New Yorker there, whoa, hey New York, don’t get offended on me you guys. New Jersey, New York, same, not too far apart there.

Listen, what I want to tell you is serious. Ask more questions. You want your guys to produce more? You want your customer service experts to do a better job, ask them this question. “Hey, what would it take for you to take it up a notch?” “Oh really, and how would you go about doing that?” “When would start that?” “What would you need from me?” “How would you know you’re doing better and when it didn’t work what would you do to change?” “When it does work what would you do to even do more than that?” Once I can ask more questions and understand, really, what drives them. They know the solutions, they know what they’re doing.

A lot of times, asking the questions brings out in them what they know they can do more of. Once I know that, I want to make sure I identify one thing. One word, what’s the one thing I want to identify just to make everything click? It’s the why. Why is that employee working here? When you can look at the goals of the company, the targets of the company, and the targets of the customer, and the targets of the employee and look at all three of those and understand the why for each one of them, you can create greater clarity and alignment.

A lot of times, we’re just like, “Hey, come on work.” I know what his why is, he needs money to pay bills. I don’t know that. Does he need money to pay for college? Does he have a sick mother? Does he need to buy diapers? Does he have a broken car? Does he want a bigger house? Does he want to go on vacation? I don’t know what the why is, everybody’s why is a little different. My why for this video is different. You guys know I am not looking to make money. I’m not looking to make a change, I’m looking to make a colossal shift, a movement, in the service industry unlike any guru has ever tried to do or ever has done.

I’m looking to change the game for every service business owner, not a few. That’s my why. I’m clear with the why. I’m so clear with it. There’s no question what drives my passion. What is your why? What is your why for watching this video? What’s your why for tomorrow? What’s your employees why and then align these things. Your challenge today for your business breakthrough is this, one, ask more questions and while you’re asking questions judge less because if you’re already judging the questions you think, you’re already this. You’re already shutdown. Ask more questions. The answers are there. The second thing is when you get an answer, ask another question. It’s going to tell you the story. Ask the questions of the three pillars. Ask the question of the company, yourself, ask the question of the employee, ask the question to the customer. That will create clarity and it’ll create alignment.

The next thing is just make sure along with the questions, you identify the exact why for all of them. This is an unstoppable philosophy, theory, framework, whatever you want to call it, but it is unstoppable. I’ve been using this for a long time. This is the first video I’m doing about it. I’m Mike Agugiliaro. I am wishing you, you know it, massive wealth, tons of freedom, and market domination. There is no question what path I’m on. I will change the game in the service industry. Look out for a whole new shift in everybody’s life.

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