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Business Breakthrough: Culture By Design Or Default

Hey, Mike A. here, bringing you another, yes, fast track, okay. I’m bringing you a fast track method here. Something that you can bring back to your company, you can implement it today and take action. Here’s the concept I want to bring, like culture, right? Culture is so important. I’ve learned more about culture probably in the last five years than I did in the first fifteen years of business because I didn’t understand all the moving pieces. One of the biggest lessons that I learned about culture is look, culture is either built by design or by default.

What Mike? That’s weird, what are you saying. Now here’s the deal, if it’s by design, we’ve already mapped out how our culture’s going to sound, how it’s going to act, the level of communication, the different things we’re going to do, the involvement. It’s almost like we’re building this mini culture work family, right, so everybody’s on the same team. Now if it’s by default, they’re being designed without you saying what your future, what you want the culture to look like and that’s deadly, deadly.

Most of the time, when I’m working with business owners and they’re telling me about the problems in their business, this employee’s not doing this, and this department is fighting against that department, it’s always based on culture designed by default, not by design, the way you wanted it, because when you build your culture by design, you actually have to map it out. So you’ve got a big thing, it’s like culture by design and we start mapping out, like what is it going to look, what’s it going to feel like, what are the pieces I have to put into place, what do I have to say every day, what do I have to say every week.

There’s a strategy to building an award winning culture. By default, it just happens. Whatever happens. If you’re in a bad mood, culture’s in a bad mood, if you use bad language, they’ll use bad language, if they’re negative about customers, they’ll be negative about customers. At the end of the day, the culture is going to follow the leader. If you’re weak as a leader, chances are the default that you’re going to have in culture is going to be super weak, super negative and you’re never getting the profit or the results you want.

If you’re a leader that’s leading the culture, what you designed, and you’re like, here we are, this is where we’re going with it, this is how we’re going to act and then you put in the measures to make sure that there’s clarity, alignment and accountability on that culture. Guess what? You’re going to have an award winning culture. Is culture just about the employees? No, it’s not. When I look at my culture, culture is everything. Our culture interacts with our customers. The way we are as a culture is the same interaction that we’re going to have from our customers.

The culture that I designed also follows through my vendors. I don’t treat my culture any different than I treat my vendors, my vendors that do direct mail or TV or any of that stuff. Here’s your challenge today I want you to really write down. Write down, what is the culture, the design that you want, the culture that’s just going to grow and manifest into the business, the business size you want, the growth, the revenue you want, all of that stuff. That’s what I want you to do. Take on that challenge, map it out and then execute it.

All right, I’m Mike Agugliaro, I’m wishing you a better than great day today and every day. I want to help you get, yes, massive wealth, tons of freedom, market domination.

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