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Business Breakthrough: Communication Tool

Hey, Mike Agugliaro, bringing you yes, another fast track tip here, because it’s all about fast tracking, about accelerating things. Getting to the result without learning all the bad lessons and getting there as quick as possible.

I want to share with you today a communication vehicle, a communication device, something that not only will help with culture but it’s going to help with clarity and alignment.

Because here’s the deal. If as a company you’re running in a race, you need to know where your running along the way. Sometimes if you’re just communicating at a monthly or bi-monthly or quarterly, sometimes it’s late. We’ve lost part of the race. When do you want me to make correction?

I developed something, an idea that you could take back to your company and implement this method or modify it somehow. I call it the Monday on the Monday. The reason I call it a Monday on the Monday is because every Monday we would send out this e-mail to everybody in the company, and it would give a recap of what’s real important, what happened last week that was amazing, what happened last week that we got to focus doesn’t happen this week. Where are we in the race, not only in the race of revenue, where are we in the race of profit.

We noticed when we started doing these Monday on the Mondays is that all of a sudden everybody in the company was aligned. Because if you’re reading it and it’s like, hey we’re at 3 percent profit, and you know you want to be at 10 percent plus profit, does everybody go: ah forget it I’ll just lay down? No, they’re like, oh man we’re not there, we got to pick up the pace, we got to think smarter, we have to make better actions.

So the Monday on the Monday is sharing everything that’s important, the things that shouldn’t happen again, and also it has some of the warm and fuzzy things: Mrs. Jones said this about a guy, or this person or employee did something amazing, what they stood out for. So ask yourself-and I guess this is your challenge of the week is this communication vehicle, that not only will create clarity and alignment, it creates a sense of accountability, and ask yourself if you were to build something like that, a Monday on the Monday, or maybe a Wednesday Tech Tips or a Friday Communication Special, there’s a lot of ways to play with this idea, and you can build it.

Now if you want to take it to the next level and you don’t want to type it up, or if you want to type up an e-mail that works, like just get started. That’s the important thing. So many people don’t take action. They’re like, I’m going to build it, and they make everything into this big rocket ship. Don’t make it into a rocket ship. Take the idea, write an e-mail.

If you want to take it to the next level you can do this, I mean you could get a little tripod, throw your iPhone in there, throw a little clip on here so you get good sound, and guess what, do a little 3 or 4 minute video and send that out every Monday.

So ask yourself, where’s the level, where are the things you can do to enhance the level of communications, to serve your employees, to keep everybody running in the race, the 2015 race. That’s what we’re doing. We want to go to the very next level.

Okay, I’m Mike Agugliaro. I’m wishing you a better than great day, today and every day. I want to help you get massive wealth, tons of freedom, boom, and market domination.

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