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Business Breakthrough: Change Your Programming

Hey. Mike Agugliaro here bringing you another fast track business breakthrough method here. Today is about, yeah it’s about programming. Not just programming. It’s about rewiring your mind. I know, you’re like, “Here he goes. He’s going to get all crazy and foo foo on me and stuff.” No, I’m not going to do that. I’m going to give you the number one success formula here. The thing that’s going to change the game for you. I’m talking about changing it in a whole new way. Because you see what happens is you’ve been conditioned, you’ve been wired sometimes by choice and sometimes not by choice.

I want you to imagine you’re a child, you fall down or you hit your knee and your parents go, “Oh, you’re so clumsy. You always hit your knee.” All of a sudden you hit it again. You’re like, “Oh, you’re so clumsy.” All of a sudden what happens? We create this pathway in our brain that says what? I’m clumsy. People live there life going oh. Every time they do it they’re like let me justify it. I’ve been told me whole life I’m clumsy. No. You just hit your effing knee.

Let’s not create no programming. Why do you want to classify yourself as clumsy, right? Where there’s other people that have been programmed because one time in their life they felt bad that they made a decision to do something. It didn’t work out or they did something and it failed. Then they’re like, “Oh, I’m sorry.” Now they condition themselves to apologize for everything. I’m like, “Didn’t bother me none. What are you saying sorry for? Doesn’t mean nothing to me.”

Don’t do it. What I want you to understand is just kind of think a minute. Take one second here and I want you to think what are the things you’re saying over and over during your workday, during your life day that all of a sudden you know that you’re creating a condition? This pathway that’s growing. When you say to yourself, “Oh, it’s impossible. It’s so hard. There’s no good people out there. You understand, right?” No, I don’t understand. Keep telling yourself that and you’ll boom, that pathway, that programming in your brain will become even stronger.

How has that been serving you? Every time you say, “Oh, you know customers suck.” How’s that been serving you. Or you know your guys, all the guys are going to steal from you. How’s that been serving you. Or all marketing’s broke or all these things, right? How’s that serving you when you empower and strengthen that in your brain? It doesn’t. It doesn’t at all. You have to reprogram it.

All this stuff I’m telling you right now is where I lived and had to change to go. I had all the pain in the world of all the stories I kept telling myself and I didn’t realize every time I told that story, boom, it expanded. It became brighter, crisper for me. All these negative things. “Oh, I’m never going to find good people.” Boom. I never. How was I even, I was blind to even looking because I was so sure that I was never going to find it, I never would.

Okay, so now I got you completely depressed. You’re all like, “Oh, my God. You’re right. My mind is so messed up.” Did you ever hear business owners saying that? “Man, I’m so effed up. My mind and I’m so …” Yeah, I get it. I get it. Here’s the good part. You can change it just like that.

Now you may not be able to change it alone. You may need an experience to change it. You may need a coach to change it. You may need an event to change it. You might need an NLP master or somebody that can help you reprogram those records that are playing in your mind. The good part is now that you know that, you can start today. Let me give you some action items I want you to do. You up for it? Come on, don’t mess with me. You’re only watching this thing because you want change and when you understand how to change yourself and rewire that brain yourself, you then, you then can help others in your company or other people you know if they want.

Can you motivate anybody? No, it’s impossible, right? Well, maybe if I hold a gun to your head I can probably create some motivation pretty quick, but you can’t motivate anybody. They have to motivate themselves. Here’s your action items I want you to do. I want you to just think of three things and if you can’t think of three things, ask your wife, your girlfriend, your parents, whoever. Ask the person in the grocery store, what are three things that I’m saying that you’re pretty sure that wiring is not serving me where I want to go? It’s not helping me create massive wealth, tons of freedom or market domination.

Once you have the three things I want you to say something completely different. It’s easy to find amazing A players. Don’t worry if it’s true. The truer it is here, the truer the outcome will be. It’s easy to create abundant wealth. It’s easy for my marketing [inaudible 04:28]. It’s easy to make business decisions. It’s easy to lead my company.

Now those are the pathways you want to start with. Now I want to paint a picture for you. You get up in the morning and you’re like, “Okay cool. Let me create, let me create the wiring for today.” If every morning I got up an I’m like boom, I am so powerful, so strong. I’m a business master and I just did something like that everyday, I feel healthy. I feel great. I’m amazing. Today’s going to create massive wealth and tons of freedom. If I created that wiring everyday first thing in the morning, what would happen the second day I said it again?

I would expand that wiring and then the third day and before you know it, the wiring in your brain becomes truth because whatever you put in there becomes the fuel to go forward. I know, look, there’s a lot of gurus out there and people foo foo and tell you pray to the birds and all that stuff and that’s cool. I’m not mocking it. If it works, it works.

What I’m telling you is look, if it makes sense where the problem happened, the programming and you can accept that for truth, okay I get it. I was told this. I believe this. I told myself that. That’s the beginning. I know where I want to get to. Just change that wiring yourself. That’s it. Start saying different things and create … Look at it like big massive tunnels and runways of jet fuel with these new beliefs that you have. This new wiring. Today just go out there and do this and start rewiring yourself. I’m Mike Agugliaro wishing you massive wealth, tons of freedoms and market domination. Have a better than great day.