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Business Breakthrough: Easiest Way To Build A System

Hey! Mike Agugliaro here. I’m bringing you another fast track business breakthrough method. You ready for this one today? Come on, come on. Let me hear. Say, “Bring it on, Mike. Bring it on. I’m going to implement it and implement it and make change.”

Today I want to talk about systems. I want to give you the fastest way to create a system, because I love this subject and I hate this subject. All my classes and every time I talk to somebody I’m like, “Hey! Did you read the book The E-Myth?” They’re like, “Yeah, I read it. Read it a hundred times.” I’m like, “Cool! How many systems you got in place in your company?” “A couple. None.” I’m like, most read book, most un-utilized, most un-understood book, I think, on the planet. Maybe next to the Bible or one of these other things. Right? I don’t get it, because the thing is, it sounds good but you never really get the format.

I’m going to give you a simple formula that you could create a system today. Something that’s going to stop a piece of insanity in your business and make improvement. It’s going to be that quick. Now, in my four day event I give actual systems. I can’t do that because I’m not posting a piece of paper, but I’m going to give you the quickest way.

Identify the problem. The thing that keeps repeating itself that’s causing either lack of efficiency, lack of dollars, or it’s pulling back the company. Identify one. Let’s say, trucks being left open at night or my building is being left open at night. There’s the problem. It gets left open and what’s it cause? There’s risk of theft, people can come in, whatever. Those are the problems.

Here’s what I need to know. Who, what, where, why, when and tell me more. Who does this system have to talk to? When does it apply? Why does it apply? What do they need to do on a consistent basis? Right? Who, what, where, why, when, and then tell me more. What are any other details I need you to think about? It’s like, look. Every night the last person in the building has to shut off the lights, pull the doors shut, check the trucks in the parking lot. This is what they do. At any time you stop here or there’s a problem, you’re then to notify somebody or take this action. That’s it. That’s it. It’s not rocket science. Just pick one right now. It’s that easy.

Pick one that’s a problem. Okay? You’re employees have to do some kind of paperwork; they don’t do it. Okay, perfect. Who? The employees. Where? When they’re done with the job. Okay, so who, where, what. What has to be done? This paperwork has to be filled out every time. We’ve got who, what, where. Why does it have to be filled out? Because if we don’t get it filled out, there’s risks. There’s liabilities. We can’t close the process in accounts receivable. It holds things. It causes these setbacks and these road blocks. Right? When’s it got to be done? We already answered that. I got who, what, where, why, when. At the time of the job. That answers every area. Tell me more. Be neat on your paperwork. Send it through this email. Okay?

Now how long, just based on what I said right there, and I’ve only been talking for two minutes and I’m probably solving something in most of your businesses you’ve been trying for twenty years to do.

Give it a title. Here’s the system. Here’s the date. Here’s the department. Answer who, what, where, why, when. Tell more of the details about it. Implement it. Fixed. Now, where does the breakdown for systems happen? It happens because you don’t follow up to spot check. I have a whole list of things as a business owner. A whole list. Long list that I, once a month, I bring my team in or I’ll walk around and say, “Hey! How’s this form doing?”

We have a form that we call an easy prep form. This is any time we’re going to do a big job the customer gets this form of a sequence of things they need to do before we come out, because I go so tired. Here’s the simple system. I got so tired of pulling up and there’s cars in the driveway. The dogs and cats are running around the house. The kids are running around the house. There’s stuff in the area I have to work. I got so frustrated from this, I said, okay, simple system. Who, what, where, why, when. Tell me more. Built it. Now when a job is sold and a customer agreed that we’re going to do it, they have their check-off list. Cars out of the driveway, parking lot.

Now just ask yourself, this one video, if you just built that one thing real quick. Another thing that I give, and I know I say give it at the four day. It’s not to convince you to come or anything. I’m just telling you we’ve built these resources. That’s why I call it Fast Track Academy, because I take you like that. You don’t even have to take the three minutes. I give it to you, modify it, and you’re done in a day. That’s the power of it, but I want to teach you how to do it.

You answer the questions. Now when we go to a customer’s house our guys pull in the driveway, they get out, there’s no dogs, there’s no cats, we’re not moving all kinds of crap from the area. If you just save fifteen minutes a day, fifteen minutes a day, no matter what business you’re in, if you save fifteen minutes a day, what does that equate to over a year? Now I didn’t do the math in minutes and stuff, but you can do that if you want. Let’s just say a lot of [inaudible 00:04:41] time. A lot of time. Who has time to throw away? Any of you guys have time to just, like I’ll give it away. If you have so much time you can give it away, come hang out with me. I got tons of stuff I would love for you to do.

All right. Today is how to build a simple system that quick. Here’s your action. Stop watching this video, type, sketch out a quick system, get it implemented this week. Okay? Do a follow-up on it. If things have to change on it, make a tweak to it, implement it again. Next week pick another one. If you did one a week over a year, how many systems would you have built? How many? Fifty-two. Fifty-two systems.

If you ever want to sell your business for anything, all the time guys are like, “Hey, I want to sell my business.” I’m like, “What do you do?” Crappy customers, you don’t have good employees, you have bad equipment, you sold crappy product, you have no systems in place. I’m like, “Oh, cool. Here’s five bucks.” Right? You’re worth next to nothing. People are like, I’ll buy the number. Oh yeah. You’re going to buy the number of a whole bunch of shitty customers who aren’t even your right type of avatar; but if you have systems in place, systems created results and efficiency. Now someone goes, “That’s good.” Plug and play. Let me take it and pop it in here.

I hope this is making sense to you. Action items. You got to build a system. Build one a week. That’s fifty-two in a year. I’m Mike Agugliaro, and I’m wishing you a better than great day. Better than system-great day, and I’m looking to help you get to massive wealth, tons of freedom, market domination. Have a better than great day. Boom.

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