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Business Breakthrough: Big Ass Ego

Hey, Mike business ninja, founder of the 23,000,000 million dollar business blueprint at Service Business Order Mastermind. Today I’m going to talk to you about ego. Oh, wait let me step back a minute. You’re like oh, oh. The ninja’s going to talk about ego. Well you know ego is a couple of things. One you have to be conscience of it. I remember when I belonged to an organization and I used to go to the events and the first thing I would just be like, hey how are you doing? Nice to meet you. I’d get one of these, like whoa don’t bother me and I go, hey nice to meet you, so how’s business?

Oh it’s great, I’ve got 30 trucks things are killing it. I’m like oh, that’s great and then they would say, “How big is your company?” I would say, I’ve got one, I think we had 2 at the time. I’m like we’ve got 2, but I was proud of the 2 because I knew that 2 were making money and we were working hard, right. The guy with 30, what I learned later, is 20 of them have been sitting on his lot. He’s like yeah, I’ve got a big ass building and he’s broke and he’s starving.

You know what, it’s best if you just let your ego down. How many people do you know need help, or can use some help or some coaching or mentoring, but their ego is just so big. They’re just like, I’ve got all the answers, I know, wait I’ve got a call center and I do my marketing like that. You like that voice right? That’s crazy I don’t even know what kind of voice that was, it was pretty neat. They’re like I’ve got all these things and I’ve got folders and I’ve got tablets in the field. I’m like oh, great and your conversion rates sucks. Good job with your tablet.

Here’s the thing, why don’t you just clear your own ego a little bit. I know your an owner, but why don’t we create a company full of people that act like and behave like owners. Instead of just, you walking around like I’m the leader look at me. Anybody who comes and visits my building can tell you I do not walk around with that ego like I am the owner. I walk around like I’m a team player. I am one of them. I’m there to help, I’m there to support. I am there to guide and lead. Today’s challenge is, check your own ego and look a lot of these videos I do, it’s a reminder for myself. Today, I’ll go through my day checking my ego and making sure is it either helping grow things or chipping away the foundation.

I’m Mike Agugliaro, I’m wishing you a better than great day today and every day. I want to help you get the massive wealth, tons of freedom and market domination. Yes I do.

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