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Business Breakthrough: Are You Ready For 2015

Let me take you ahead in the future. Before I go there, I’m Mike Agugliaro, Business Ninja, founder of the $23 Million Business Blueprint and Service Business Warrior Mastermind.

Here we go into the future. We’re now getting ready to go into 2015. Are you ready? When should you start to plan? Normally I was always planning in November. November’s very late for the clock to tick. A lot of things have to be looked at. Where are you at on your budget? Are you ahead or are you behind? Are you going to add vehicles? Are you going to add employees? What’s going to change for 2015 compared to where you stand today?

I know in another video we talked about September. September’s important. You have to plan for them slow times. You got to have your targets for your year set before you get to the year. Start to analyze things. Do a little bit of a deep dive. That’s one of the things that we do at the three day is we talk about what could be coming up, especially in September at that event, we’re going to spend a lot of time talking about what are the marketing pieces? What are the culture pieces? What are the organizational structural pieces that have to go in place to make the business run smoother?

I was talking to someone the other day. He says, yeah I guess things are going great. I said, no you’re lying to yourself. They’re not going great because you just told me you can’t leave your company for three days and you have six or eight or ten employees, it’s going to fall apart. No. You are not okay. You are lying to yourself in the mirror. You’re okay when you can leave and things happen better when you’re gone than when you’re there.

Let’s start to get our head in the game about what needs to happen in 2015. Now it is not the magic clock. I know a lot of people are like, you know what? I’ll get started … Yeah. You know what I mean? January 1st, I’ll get started. No you can’t do that. You have to get started today, but you have to know what we’re going to get started on.

Can you start applying things that you need to start doing in 2015 now? Yeah, the answer’s yes. Why would we wait? Let’s get focused, let’s get ahead of the game this year and let’s get ready to crush 2015 even though we have time left. How’s your time going right now? How’s your summer going? It’s like that.

All right. I’m Mike Agugliaro. I’m wishing you a better and great day today and every day. I want to help you get to massive wealth, tons of freedom, market domination.

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