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Business Breakthrough: Are You Getting Results

Hey, Mike Agugliaro, business ninja, founder of the $23 Million Business Blueprint and Service Business Warrior Mastermind, greatest mastermind on the planet. You’re like, “What makes it the greatest?” Results, proven results that people in the Warrior Mastermind are doing better today than they were yesterday, which is part of the subject I wanted to bring to you.

Look, a lot of people are in these organizations and doing all this stuff. It’s good because there’s some really, good stuff out there that could really help you and help other people. Here’s the thing. Let me step way back and come way forward. Here’s the thing you got to know. Just make sure you’re clear and it’s helping you get results because if it’s not helping you get results and you’re buying friendship that’s a problem.

You shouldn’t have to buy friendship. There’s a lot of people that will just be friends with you because you asked them and you’re a good person. Make sure whatever you’re involved in, whatever programs, I don’t care if it’s sales or marketing or anything, that you’re not buying friendships. You’re buying results because that’s what you need today. That’s what you need right now is to understand where you’re at, where you want to go, the pieces that are missing and this is what I need.

If it’s operational make sure you’re getting the operational things to put in place. I was talking to someone the other day. They’re like, “Yeah, I need a few systems.” It’s like, “Systems?” It’s like, “Boom, we could build a system in 15 minutes and get it.” Every time we’re acting like we’re moving these big mountains like, “Yeah, I got to build a system,” or “I got to get my numbers right.”

It’s like, “What are you talking about get your numbers right?” What’s it take a couple hours to get your numbers right? The software you could almost blink and hit a couple keys and your numbers are right. What does it take to build the system? It takes about 15 minutes. I could show you how to build a system put it in place and save yourself a lot of time, money and energy.

This wasn’t what this video was about. Look, stop acting like everything is a big ass mountain because it’s not a big mountain. It’s not. It’s only a big mountain because you’re making it this big thing. A lot of times it’s simple. It’s quick. It’s fast. People who have come through my three-day event who were working me know how quick it could be.

It’s like, “Take this piece. Put it there. Puzzle piece in place. Done, we’re building,” that simple. Look, I covered more on this than I even wanted to. Don’t be buying friendships. Buy results. That’s what you’re looking for. Results are going to get you more time, more freedom, more wealth and just a greater life for you and your family along with your employees and everybody else.

I’m Mike Agugliaro. I’m wishing you a better and great day today and everyday. I want to help you get what? Massive wealth because what the heck are we doing if we’re not trying to get some big wealth, tons of freedom, boom, market domination.

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