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Attract Convert Deliver Scale with Jay Abraham

Attract Convert Deliver,Scale


Attract Convert Deliver Scale with Jay Abraham. Listen to the legendary Jay Abraham reveal the reasons you’re always in the business of selling and why learning is meaningless without taking action. Finally, discover what Jay Abraham would do if he were starting over today and had to grow a business ASAP and what the three most important skills you have in your arsenal are.

Key Lessons Learned:

Business Growth

  • Everything you do in marketing should be a profit center.
  • Everyone on your team is in sales because you are always selling your company’s unique position in the market, you’re in the job of selling the vision of the business to each other, and you’re selling the quality of the opportunity you are offering if you’re trying to hire them.
  • Don’t be the smartest person in the room. Don’t delude yourself into believing you have mastered anything more than the outer periphery of all that’s possible.
  • The greatest tragedy of expertise is that the people that need it the most discount it the most.
  • You can’t grow at the pace that is possible on your own. You need to have collaborative thinking partners to help you reach your potential.
  • Learning without doing is like being in the stands watching the game instead of playing it. You have to take what you learn and execute. It’s yours to lose.
  • Showing up is not the commitment, it’s merely the preparation.
  • You need to be masterful at quantified, direct response marketing.
  • Most business owners are two dimensional, part of being preeminent is knowing that you will have and planning for a higher quality of client and you will be their trusted advisor for life.
  • You have to be strategic, not tactical.

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