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Ask These Two Questions Everyday If You Want To Grow Your Service Business

Service business owners face a challenge when they want to grow their business: They try different things, implement new ideas, dial in new strategies… but struggle to find the time to create a business that performs at a high level even when it’s scaling up.

To help you address this challenge, here are two questions you should be asking yourself constantly – every single day:

  1. Can I build a system for this?
  2. Can I improve this system?

Systems are simple steps done in the same sequence over and over that will help you complete a task. When you have a system, you can complete the work almost unconsciously and/or with a great level of consistency.

Think about when you make coffee: You’ve probably developed a system. You fill the water in the carafe and pour it into the back of the coffee maker. You grab the filter and put it into the filter holder and add the right amount of coffee grounds. Then you turn it on and coffee comes out. Without realizing it, you’ve developed a system that allows you to make consistent, predictable coffee whenever you want. You follow a checklist (a checklist in your head) and you don’t really have to give any brainpower to make the coffee.

Now apply that same thought to your business: I advise business owners to build systems for everything. From the moment you start your day to the moment it ends, many of the activities you do in the day can have a system built around it. And in my book The Secrets Of Business Mastery I devote an entire chapter to showing you what systems you should build and exactly how to build them.

The benefits of system building are amazing:

  • You’ll be able to complete more work in the same amount of time (because consistency and repetition builds speed without diminishing accuracy).
  • You’ll have more time to devote to more important things because you can automate or outsource your work (since the tasks will be listed step-by-step and some or all of those tasks can be completed by someone or by a piece of software).
  • You’ll have a happier, more productive team because they’ll be able to complete their work faster and with greater consistency.
  • You’ll have happier customers because they will get great, consistent work even if different team members do work at their house.

You should be building systems every day, and then you should spend your time improving those systems so they run more effectively. That’s the fastest way to grow your business.

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