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Andrew likes Mike’s no nonsense approach. Accountability is key.

This is my second time or actually my third time going through the Fast Track Academy here after joining the Warrior Group. I decided to come back to hear the information again and to learn a little bit more about what I’ve already learned and build it more ingrained into my memory. Main things that were focused on right now are improving marketing and sales. He’s got a no nonsense approach and he cuts right to the chase. He doesn’t sugar coat things and people are so PC these days that they don’t want to upset the apple cart and Mike doesn’t really care about that. He’s more focused on getting the results in a quick pace.
I’ve been through other courses and seminars and when you finish it you’re back on your own and it’s easy to slip back into your old habits where there’s a little bit more accountability with this. That’s huge because that’s one of the things that I’ve been looking for is a way to help keep myself accountable and Mike helps with that but also the rest of the warriors in the group also do that as well. I can make it through this on my own, which I could but it would probably take me a lot more time. I think the excuse of thinking that I can do it on my own, which is not really an excuse, it’s the truth but this is definitely a much faster approach for me. The value that I’ve gained from it I really can’t put a number on because it’s really been a lot of life lessons that are going to ultimately not only help our business, but it’s going to help me in life in general. I can’t put a number on it but it’s definitely far exceeded the amount that I’ve spent so far.

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