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Andrew says it’s all about communicate. Act on it, learn from it, grow from it now.

What brought us here? You never know what you don’t know. We have a pretty stable, successful company, but watching others do what they do, we needed to learn what we’re missing out on. Within the first 5 minutes of being here we realized there’s a whole other world, a whole other environment we could be part of. After my day and a half here, I want to move in, suck up everything I can and turn our company around. This is the exact forum to do it with. Been through a lot of forums, and I’m very confident that I’m at the right one. It’s a great question. If you asked me that 2 days ago, my answers would have been different than they are today. Because we’re in an environment where we’re working with people just like ourselves, they’re sharing their insights, and through that it opened up our eyes to realize maybe we do have deeper problems and more opportunity out there than we ever thought.

We had a pretty modest goal to double our company. After a day and a half here, I think we’re limiting ourself by only thinking of doubling the company. The issues I thought I had when I came here are not issues by any means. We just needed a process to make it better. We want to make everything better, and here I’m learning the tools, the skillsets and how to do that. His guts and his desire to continuously succeed himself, his willingness to share his ideas and be genuine when he does. Taking Mike as a person, I don’t think he really wants or wanted to be that kind of person where he would share everything he’s doing, he wanted all the success for himself. I believe once he hit that point of success he realized that he was that personality, he was that nature. Once he realized he can give back, then that became his addiction. That addiction also made him better at what he does. Having this forum makes him better at what he does, which is great because he doesn’t selfishly suck it all in. He takes it and shares it.

That’s really interesting. Before I came here, I come from a huge Fortune 500 industry background where you don’t host these at the mother ship because it distracts you. Here, it’s a totally different environment. In the service industry, I feel you need to see what’s going on. You need to see the realities. You could read about it so much, but the reality is a lot different than the book smarts, we know that in every level of this business. If this was in a hotel, some of the belief systems and methodologies he gave us we probably would have thought were fake, phony, things that he didn’t practice himself. Walking in here, you realize he practices everything he says. He’s tried it, he’s tested it, he’s improved upon, and he’s teaching us at the level he’s at now, which means that his teaching will actually escalate, his environment will escalate. Being here is a thriving factor on me just to see it and be part of it rather than being in a hotel half asleep wondering if this is real. No, this is real. This is real.

There are so many takeaways, I would love to spend a half hour and really go over them all. We’re going to act on almost every single one of them immediately. I think one of the biggest, God, there are so many. I mean, they’re all rattling through my head right now. One of the biggest ones is communication. Communicate, communicate, communicate. Don’t wait. Communicate. Act now, learn from it, grow from it now, now. There is no tomorrow. Now is the reality. Yesterday passed us. Tomorrow never comes. You could prepare for it, but it’s really about now. I think we missed that, and now we know that. Now I’m only Vice-President of Operations and actually a general manager because we have elected, and I’ve put certain people into that kind of management role. I’ve already reached out to people in other industries that I know personally that own businesses, much larger and much smaller, sharing with them CEO Warrior is the place they have to check out.

I’m not saying that because I’m on camera or Michael will watch this. It doesn’t matter when I leave here. I get to do with what I learned. I am a big advocate in this course for 2 reasons. One, it’s not fluff. Two, it’s not stuff that was written 5 years ago and 3, he actually opens up himself, his intellectual property and experiences to show you what he’s doing right now, what he’s done yesterday, what he wants to do tomorrow, but more importantly, what he’s doing right now and puts it in front of you and shows you, takes you to the department and shows you real life, real current activities. I haven’t seen a forum like this, and I’ve been to many. I think they’re going to say it’s the money, it’s the time, but they’re only fooling themselves because that was us. It’s not the money, it’s not the time.

If you really wanted to succeed, you would actually be here, not in the field working in your business rather than on your business. Get over that fear. You are the right person, you are the right company because if you’re not, we have the power of delegation. We have the power of knowledge to get you where you need to be. Even in our company, not everybody is an expert in all the roles we need them to be. We look at their weaknesses, we look at the strengths and put people in the right place. There is no excuse. You should not either be here or at another forum just like it, but if you’re not, you’re not going to grow. You’re going to be miserable, status quo, doing the same thing every day expecting different results, will not work.

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