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Alex says you’re definitely going to get your money’s worth.

Just saw some comments on service round table and did some more inquiry and checked around and asked some people offline questions and they recommended the warrior program.
I’ve been to some other companies behind the scenes but it was just like a 30 minute tour. It wasn’t a multi-day really look behind the curtain kind of thing. That’s what I was really looking for, to come behind the scenes, spend a whole week here, see how they’re making things work here.
I don’t want to say the limiting belief but it’s always finding qualified people … Keeping qualified people, I can usually find them, it’s keeping them long term that seems more of an issue than actually finding them. Things that I can do just instantaneously when things are slow to make the phone ring pretty much instantly. We have a smaller version of an outbound program but that’s something that I’m really interested in expanding that. I know those are things that we can snap our fingers and make some changes instantly and get calls on the board next day, same day, fill the schedule up so something I’m definitely interested in.
That’s one of the things that, why I wanted to come here. I could be here with the business, rolling, you can see how the managers interact with you know … This is a live business obviously, we’re not off site at some hotel room or something like that, lobby or whatever … Doing the tour while the business is going so it’s a … That’s the reason I came.
I think definitely obviously it’s paid for the investment so that’s 100% sure. I think it’s unfair to say what the exact number is because it could be $100,000 or millions so it depends on obviously how you implement things so I definitely think the value is there. I would recommend someone that’s on the fence thinking about coming or not coming just to … You’re definitely going to get your money’s worth coming here, for sure.