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The Advantage of Understanding Trends in your Business

Understanding trends


Mike Agugliaro reveals the secret to understanding business trends and how to take advantage of them. Learn about the major trends that determine the mindset of your customers and how it affects their buying patterns.

Key Lessons Learned:

Past Business Trends

  • Not enough people pay attention to the past because they are trained to look into the future. The past is there as an education so that you can leverage things into making new decisions.
  • Most people aren’t thinking of the past because it may be painful, but there are valuable lessons in the past that can be learned.
  • Past trends allow you to ask good questions.
  • It’s important to avoid being frustrated or depressed by missed opportunities in the past and instead become motivated by them.
  • Many people feel paralyzed because they know what happened in the past and aren’t not convinced they are capable of changing.
  • People have three modes of reaction: fight, flight, or freeze. The very worst of these three is freeze because you become paralyzed and incapable of doing anything.
  • Your past reactions will reveal how you have been sabotaging yourself, past trends will show the behavior that you need to change your future.
  • Don’t ignore your past, evaluate it.

Current Trends

  • Are you tracking your gains or losses?
  • In business, if your business is flat, you’re losing the game. Flatlining is what happens before real death.
  • If you’re off track, you have to ask yourself “what is sabotaging you?”
  • People try to convince themselves that their life is getting better, but how do they know if they aren’t measuring.
  • The weather trend affects everybody. The weather controls mood and mood controls action. If you can control the mood of your customers and keep them in the mindset you need them to be in to buy, you won’t be at the mercy of the weather. Tell your customers what’s happening and what you want them to do.
  • Your past trends, the weather trends, and the economic trends all contribute to your current trend.
  • The economic trend controls the economic mindset and it in turn is being manipulated by the news media.
  • You can leverage any trend to propel your business forward but you have to understand what is happening before you can take advantage of it.
  • Buyers follow a trend as well. Are your buyers buying right now? What trends are your buyers following? Once you understand what is affecting the buyer’s trend, you can start moving the needle.

Culture Trend

  • The culture trend is the voice of your company. It determines if you are pushing forward or falling behind.
  • Most business owners control their culture trend in a negative way.
  • The key is to identify where your business is going and how you’re going to get there.
  • The culture trend is more powerful than anything else that can affect your business. You have to frame your belief about what is happening as a positive and then act from there.

The Owner’s Trend

  • The owner’s trend affects every aspect of the business. If the owner of the business doesn’t have the confidence mindset, they will never build a truly successful business.
  • You are the wizard behind the curtain, you can either be strategic and make the right moves or be a fake who just playing pretend.

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