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9 Reasons Why An ‘A’ Player Would Want To Work For You

Do you feel like you’re competing against the big companies for superstar employees? Here’s the good news… Your perceived weakness of being small can actually be a strength…

  1. HANDS ON EDUCATION You can provide your team with in-the trenches education.
  2. FAMILY You know each team member’s name and you treat them like family.
  3. RAPID ADVANCEMENT You allow your team to climb the ladder of success. The superstars become managers faster at your company.
  4. OPPORTUNITY TO SHINE You give your team ownership, responsibility and the chance to shine.
  5. TRAIN OTHERS The best employees want to train and support others. At your company, that can happen quickly.
  6. PROXIMITY Employees will be on the road less (and get home sooner) if you have a smaller service area.
  7. FLEXIBILITY You can accommodate your employees’ scheduling needs.
  8. RECOGNITION You have a robust recognition program in your company and publicly celebrate all employee successes.
  9. RESPECT Your one-on-one interaction with employees gives them respect, and sense of importance.


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