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8 Ways To Make Your Marketing More Effective

  1.  CONSISTENCY – Create a consistent brand that appears identically in every single marketing piece.
  2. Get narrow. Stop marketing to a big audience. Instead, market repeatedly to one neighborhood. STOP BEING SO “WIDE”
  3. SET GOALS Establish benchmarks and track them to see how effective your marketing is.
  4. FREQUENCY It’s better to market to the same prospect over and over instead of many prospects just once or twice.
  5.  DIFFERENT CHANNELS Use postcards, phone calls, emails, online ads and local signage to help you market to your audience.
  6. CALL TO ACTION Make sure every marketing piece has a call to action.
  7. SERVICE The best marketing is word-of-mouth and the only way you get that is when you shock your customers with how amazing you are. Most service businesses don’t provide the best service (even though they think they do.)
  8. REPEAT BUSINESS Marketing for new leads is important, but you should continually go back to your previous customers with new offers and recommendations.


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