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7 Ways To Be A Warrior

I don’t want a mediocre life that derived from lukewarm ideas and boring actions. I want to live my life as fully as possible and help others do the same. I’m building a movement to change lives. One of the metaphors that brings this altogether for me is the warrior.

For me, a warrior represents everything I want to be, do, and have in my life, and when I’m working with other service business owners, I see myself as a warrior training other warriors.

Here are 7 ways that you can be a warrior:

Warriors are decisive.

Warriors think carefully and avoid rash decisions but they do come to a decision quickly because they know that it’s better to move forward than to get caught up in paralysis analysis. How can you become more decisive today?

Warriors act.

Warriors are action takers. They let their actions do the talking. While others are “all talk”, warriors walk the walk and make things happen. What decisions or ideas do you need to act on right now?

Warriors are fearless.

Warriors try new things, even if it means potentially failing at those things, because you realize that fear is just a mental construct that holds you back. What fears have been holding you back from moving your business or life forward?

Warriors are relentless.

Warriors stick with something long after everyone else has given up. (Yes there is an appropriate time to give something up but a warrior will endure for much longer than anyone else). What are growing weary of that you need to redouble your efforts?

Warriors raise the bar in their lives.

You never meet a weak warrior (because they’re lying on the battlefield). Only strong warriors survive. Therefore, you need to be strong – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and relationally. You stretch yourself in every area of life. What areas in your life could be improved?

Warriors raise the bar in the lives of others.

Warriors are always pushing themselves to be better than they were. Likewise, they push other around them to become better people as well. Who can you raise up by serving?

Warriors serve a higher purpose.

Only mercenaries go into battle for money. True warriors know that there is a bigger reason why they enter battle. As a warrior, you have a bigger reason to exist. I mentioned earlier about my movement to change lives. What’s your big reason to exist? What inspires and drives you forward?

I see myself as a warrior who goes into battle daily – battle against mediocrity and small-mindedness and even the person I was yesterday. Every day I get out of bed ready to do battle to push myself and those around me higher.

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