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7 Rules For Productive Meetings That Can Transform Your Organization

Meetings. They’re often considered to be the “necessary evil” of every organization. There’s a reason why business meetings are so often parodied. Meetings are like going to the dentist; you know you need to but you’d rather do other things.

Every organization needs to hold meetings. And by the time you’ve ascended to the executive suite, meetings make up the bulk of your precious time.

But many will agree that meetings can sometimes feel like a colossal waste of time. How often have you sat through meetings that felt like they were going nowhere, or that dragged on for longer than they should? How often have you attended meetings where people were unprepared, or you left wondering what the meeting actually accomplished?

Put those meetings behind you and create an organization that embraces meetings because they are engaging, actionable, and serve to move the needle.

Here are my rules for holding productive meetings that can actually transform your organization.

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