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6 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Service Business Edge When You’re At The Event

Service Business Edge

Service Business Edge is CEO Warrior’s 4-day event for service business owners.

We sell out every time… and there’s a reason for that: whether it’s the proven, game-changing strategies and swipe-and-deploy templates, or the customized implementation plan, or the people you meet, or the opportunities that you discover with a new mindset that you get—there are many reasons why CEO Warrior’s Service Business Edge event is popular and always packed.

When you come to Service Business Edge you’ll get so much value right from the moment you walk in that we even guarantee it with our Million Dollar Promise: if you don’t get a million dollars in money-saving or money-earning strategies by the end of day 1, we’ll refund your ticket and your travel costs too. (It’s never happened because we over-deliver every time.)

We want to make sure that you get a massive return on your investment so we’ve created this list of 6 things you should do before coming to Service Business Edge to make sure you get the most value out of it.

#1. Make a list of your problems, questions, and challenges

Get a blank notebook and make a list of all your problems questions, and challenges… no issue is too small or insignificant (sometimes it’s the seemingly small things that, once solved, eliminate even the bigger problems). List page after page after page of the challenges and stresses you face. You’ll probably start with business-specific challenges but you may also find that, after a while, your “non-business” life stresses start appearing on the list too. After all, everything is related and stresses you experience in business can sometimes appear at home.

Bring this list with you when you come to Service Business Edge. You won’t be asked to share any of it but it will be top of mind for you as you listen to the strategies and systems. Make a note whenever you hear about a strategy or system that will address or resolve one of the problems and challenges you’ve listed.

At CEO Warrior, we believe that your business should serve your life so we urge you to pay attention to the strategies that will have the biggest stress-eliminating impact in your life and implement those as soon as you get home.

Franky, this can be a painful exercise that you may resist doing but if you can get through the pain and write everything down, you’ll come prepared to Service Business Edge with a list of exactly what needs to change. And if Service Business Edge can address a majority of those pain points, imagine how different life will be after Service Business Edge!

#2. Make a list of your biggest goals in life and business

In the same notebook (or a different one) write out the biggest goals you have in your life and business. Again, you’ll probably start with business goals but you’ll find that your life’s goals will work their way onto your list, too, because your business serves your life.

(As an example, perhaps you want to take your spouse on a luxurious cruise vacation. That’s a personal goal but it requires certain things in your business to be in place first, right? After all, you need to earn the money to take your spouse, plus have the staff in place so you can go while your business continues to run, and you also need the systems and leadership in place so that your business will run just fine without you.)

Write out the list. Make the list as long as you want. Don’t worry about editing or whether or not you’ve already written something down. Just get those goals down. Ultimately, write down a list of things that, if achieved, will help you feel like you’ve finally “made it” and achieved everything you’ve ever wanted to achieve.

Then? Bring that list to Service Business Edge. While you’re at the event, actively listen for ideas, strategies, and resources that can help you achieve these goals. Again, remember that your business serves your life so if you are listening for business strategies that help you achieve business goals, you may find that you’ll also solve some of your personal/life goals just because your business goals are solved!

#3. Don’t plan anything else while you’re here

Some people show up at Service Business Edge think it will be like other industry events, which might have training sessions during the day but the evenings are free. Service Business Edge is nothing like that at all.

Expect to get here early, play full-out all day, and stay late into the evening. You’ll be exhausted by the time you get back to your hotel each night.

For that reason, don’t plan a round of golf or don’t plan to duck out one afternoon to go shopping or to make some calls. As much as possible, block out all 4 full days for learning and each night for a solid sleep so you are well-rested and refreshed. This is NOT going to be a vacation! Service Business Edge is an intensive, hands-on workshop and we urge you to be here 100%.

#4. Show up rested and ready to play full out

Running a business can be a lot of work and we realize it might feel like a sacrifice to leave for 4 days. You might even put in some longer hours at the office before you come to the event to make sure that everything will run the way it should while you are gone.

But as we’ve said, Service Business Edge is an intensive, hands-on workshop. You’ve invested your money and time to come. And, you’re showing up expecting to learn game-changing and business-transforming strategies.

So, when you show up to the event, show up fully ready to engage. Be rested. Be well fed. Be prepared to learn.

Not only that, be ready to play full out by participating as fully as possible. There will be sessions where you connect with those at your table or you complete some activity or meet with people. Whatever you do, be fully present and engaged, diving into every activity as much as possible. (Sometimes people show up to Service Business Edge and they’re taken by surprise at how active and involved it is… and if you’re not ready for it, it can be surprising! So be ready!)

#5. Bring an open mind

Change is hard. Even when you want things to improve in your life and business, making changes can still be challenging. (Anyone who has ever tried to break a habit will agree with this.) Our brains resist change!

As a result, it’s often easy to show up to events and workshops (even ones that we invest in because we want to improve) with skepticism, fear, uncertainty, a closed mind, a doubtful mind, or a sense of defensiveness at the way we’ve done things in the past.

This is not the right mindset to learn. Learning only happens in an open mind, just as a farmer can only sow seed in a fertile field rather than a field that has been dried and hardened by the sun.

So, if you show up to Service Business Edge with a willingness to at least be open to new ideas, you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor and you’ll enjoy the experience so much more.

There will be new ideas that are strange and even scary.

There will be new experiences that might be out of the usual for you.

There will be new opportunities that you never considered before.

That’s okay! These are all seeds of growth for you if you are open to hearing about them and learning them. You don’t have to apply them all but at least hear them and think about them.

#6. Set up meetings for when you get home.

When you’re finished at Service Business Edge, you will go home with your notebook filled with notes, the systems and templates we hand you, the implementation plan, and of course your brain overflowing with ideas.

The first thing you should do when you get home is have 3 meetings. Therefore, you might want to set them up before you leave for Service Business Edge so you can have them as soon as you get back.

The first meeting you should have is with your family. No, it doesn’t have to be a formal meeting! But it’s good to set aside time with them when you first get back so you can share what you learned. After all, these proven strategies can grow your business, which will give you more wealth and freedom to enjoy with your family… so they will be impacted by the changes and you’ll have an easier time implementing everything when you know you have their full and enthusiastic support.

The second meeting you should have is with your leadership team. Share what you learned with your leadership team and explain why they need to buy in to any new ideas and strategies you bring back from Service Business Edge. Sometimes leaders can be skeptical of change, especially if they think that it will make their job harder, so you’ll need to be ready to show them why the changes you are making will be beneficial to them.

The third meeting you should have is with your whole company. Again, you’ll want to share what you learned at Service Business Edge. You can also consider this meeting to be a “reset” that will help to set the new standard that you expect your whole company to meet every day going forward. Service Business Edge will give you the tools and skills to help you establish what that standard is and you’ll be surprised at how quickly your company can level up when you set this standard.


Service Business Edge is a business-transforming event that will change everything for you. And, since you are investing your money and time to attend, it only makes sense that you’d want to maximize your investment. Therefore, do these 6 things before Service Business Edge in order to get the most out of the event. You’ll show up more prepared, you’ll engage more fully throughout the event, and you’ll rapidly implement changes when you return home again.

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