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5 Ways to Inspire Your Experts to Greatness

– By Mike Agugliaro

When you first started your business, it was just you; you worked hard for each customer and gave them your very best. Now your business has grown and you’ve got a team that represents you, your business, and your brand. Are they working at the level you want them to be working at?

When your customers see your great team at work, they’ll think highly of your brand, which translates into loyalty and referrals. In this article, you’ll read about 5 ways to inspire your experts to greatness.

Find Out What Motivates Each Team Member

Employees work for a paycheck but that’s never the real thing they work for. One of your team members might be working for a paycheck so he can send his daughter through college. Another team member might be working for a paycheck so he can afford to fix up his classic car on the weekends. Every team member has a real motivation beyond their paycheck. When you find out what it is, you can help them feel inspired to give you their very best every day because they see the connection between their effort and their underlying motivator.

Help Your Team See That They Are Part of a Team

All too often, business owners simply try to corral a group of individuals to generally work on the same thing. The result is very, very different from the few business owners who create a team culture – where people feel that they are key contributors to a group. When an individual doesn’t do their job, they only let themselves down; but when a team member doesn’t do their job, they let the team down. This sense of team culture is a powerful way to push people to give their very best always, because they know that the team is relying on them.

Show Each Team Member That a Great Job Equals Job Satisfaction

In every industry there are companies that expect very little from their employees, who “train” employees to only do what is minimally expected of them. Not only does work barely get done, these employees don’t feel that satisfaction of a job well done at the end of the day. Remind your team daily that they can go home with their heads held high, proud of a job well done, and that feeling is entirely within their control.

Show Each Team Member That a Great Job Equals Respect

In point #3, employees felt good about the work they did. Similarly, when they give their very best every day, they gain an external version of the same feeling – respect. Your team gains the respect of customers whose problems have been solved by the team’s efforts. Your team also gains the respects of their peers – such as those who trained with them who might be at a different company. Everyone wants to feel that their trajectory toward success is respected and even envied, and hard work can provide that feeling.

Share the Promise of a Brighter Future

When your team members do a great job, they create opportunities for themselves. (Not everyone sees this unless you point it out, though). Show your team that a great job means happy, repeat customers; happy, repeat customers mean more work; more work means a financially healthy business; and when your business is successful like that, your team will enjoy long-term careers, higher pay, and more job opportunities. There’s a straight line that can be drawn between a team’s great work and an increase in opportunities for that team.
Your employees might start off as a group of individuals. Your job as the leader is to inspire them and shape them into a team – a team that feels a sense of pride at giving their very best always, and a team that understands that their great work will lead to satisfaction, respect, and greater opportunities in the future.

About Mike Agugliaro

Mike Agugliaro was toiling 18 hours a day in his service business, Gold Medal Service, and nearly burning out – until a dramatic change forced him to rethink how he ran his business. He developed a powerful formula that changed everything. Today he runs the number one home service provider in Central New Jersey with over $23 million dollars in revenue a year (and growing) and over 150 employees, serving over 100,000 customers in the last 5 years. He is a highly sought after author, speaker, and business transformer who guides other service businesses to a higher level at CEO Warrior. His third book, Secrets Of Communication Mastery, is now available on Amazon.

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