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5 Tips to Be More Productive

As an entrepreneur and owner of your plumbing, electrical, or HVAC business, your days are slammed. With a full calendar and overwhelming to-do list, how can you possibly get everything done? Here are a few tips to stay productive on your way to achieving massive success:


If you are consistently putting every job on the same level of importance, you will never see the end of a workday. Does this task have a time constraint? Can I delegate this to an employee? Can I add this to tomorrow’s list? Ask yourself these questions, assess the value of your tasks, be flexible, and assign your jobs on a priority scale.

Make lists:

I tell business owners all the time to make lists – lists of goals, strengths and weaknesses, ideas, etc. Making a to-do list can seem simplistic, but writing down actionable tasks for your workday will result in serious productivity boosts. Think to yourself, “What’s the most important thing I need to get done today?” After you’ve written that down, fill your list in with other specific, goal-oriented tasks.

Know yourself:

Does it take you five cups of coffee to function in the morning, or do you wake up ready to tackle your day? If you thrive on high-energy mornings, schedule your most difficult tasks first. Say you feel most inspired after a quick lunch – make noon your time to get down to business. And when your focus wears thin around 4:00, switch to routine, low-intensity tasks. Organizing your to-do list around your body’s schedule can allow you to remain productive at all times of the day.

Take breaks:

Once you’ve prioritized your tasks, you may realize that some of your tasks are going to require a high amount of focus and mental effort. You cannot sit down or work in the field for 8 straight hours and expect your work to be up to par. Take time to socialize, eat a snack, take a walk – your body and mind will thank you for it.

Group similar tasks together:

You already subconsciously link things together in your mind. As I said earlier, know yourself and use that to your advantage! Need to run errands? Take a single trip into town instead of spreading it out over multiple days. Draft emails you’ve been meaning to send out at once, or take an afternoon to make phone calls to concerned customers.

Make these simple changes at work today, cross items off of your to-do list, and be one step closer to market domination. At CEO Warrior, we can help you make the most of your workdays to achieve the business you’ve always dreamed of.

Mike Agugliaro, Business Warrior

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