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5 Factors That Determine Whether a Customer Will Hire You (or Your Competitor)

There is a critical process that every customer goes through when they hire a Contractor. If you can master one key point in this process then you’ll win more jobs from more customers and dominate your market.

The process is simple, and probably no surprise to most of us (since we all experience it ourselves when we buy things).

  1. It usually begins when a customer understands that they need or want something
  2. Then the customer decides who to hire to fulfill it
  3. Then the customer purchases the product or service that will address what they need or want

That generally describes the process that most customers go through, although some industries may vary the process slightly. In the Contracting industry, step 2 is made up of sub-steps that probably include the customer looking at the marketing materials of local Contractors and collecting estimates.

As a Contractor, it may feel that you have little control over this process; that it’s up to the customer. However, if you understand what a customer is looking for during the decision-making process, you can shape your marketing to address what they are looking for.

Therefore, when creating marketing materials, you should be asking yourself one key question: What qualities are customers looking for when they are deciding which Contractor to hire?

I’ve identified 5 qualities that most customers are looking for. When you put these 5 components into every marketing piece you create, you’ll win more business over your competitors who aren’t including these components.

#1. Value. Customers want to know that they will be receiving good value from you. Of course “value” might be measured differently from one person to another, since a customer in a luxury market might assign more value to a sense of exclusivity and personal service while a customer in a budget market might assign more value to receiving the lowest price. Therefore, your marketing needs to show that you provide a lot of value for your customer (based on the kinds of things they feel are important).

#2. Simplicity. Customers are busy and they don’t want to jump through hoops to get your service. If your service looks complicated or if there’s a lot they need to do first in order to receive your service, they may keep looking until they find a Contractor who will make it easier for them. Therefore, your marketing needs to show how simple and step-by-step your service is to get.

#3. Speed. Customers want what they want, and they want it right now. They don’t want to wait very long, and they definitely don’t want to be kept in the dark about how long things will take. Therefore, your marketing needs to show that you are quick and efficient (without cutting corners, of course).

#4. Confidence. Customers want to have the confidence that you’ll be able to do the job. Some are worried that you’ll show up and say “oh, this is too big for us” or “oh, we’ve never seen this before!” They want the assurance that you know what you are doing and can solve the issue easily. Therefore, your marketing needs to give them that peace of mind by communicating your expertise and ability to do the job.

#5. No judgement. Customers don’t want to be judged but they can often feel a sense of vulnerability when Contractors enter their home to do their work. Some may worry that their house is too messy; others may wonder what you’ll think of them based on their furniture. Of course you don’t care but customers feel vulnerable and your marketing should show that you don’t judge anyone.


When a customer is deciding who to hire, they review a number of marketing materials from local Contractors and the quickly and unconsciously run every marketing material through a filter of these five components. The Contractor whose marketing contains more of these almost always wins.

Use these five components as a simple checklist when designing your marketing materials to make sure every marketing piece communicates these things. From images to words to branding to the type of media you use, make sure you build each of these five components into every marketing piece you do to create the most effective marketing you possibly can.

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