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3 Steps Ahead Thinking


Hey. Mike Agugliaro of CEO Warrior bringing you another episode of what? CEO Warrior TV! What do I bring you? Massive value. I mean stuff you could implement today to change the game.

Here’s what I want to talk to you. People always hit me up. Mike what’s these three steps ahead thinking? What’s these three steps ahead thinking? Well, look, you’ve been trained how to do this; like, if you ever played the games checker, or played the games chess, what did you do? They were teaching you how to three steps ahead think; because if you just move one step, what happens, like check mate and all that crazy stuffs happen.

Here’s what I learned. With every decision I make, look, with every change, right? Every problem you fix, creates a new problem. How do I know? Fix your marketing massive leads, what’s the new problem? Well, the new problem is that now you need a lot more text and a lot more drugs and a bigger building and a bigger system. If you could think ahead, okay, and say to yourself, “When I hire this guy, what’s going to happen three steps out? What is the position? When I hire this outbounder, what’s the position? When I change the conversion, what’s three steps out? When I buy this marketing, what’s the three steps?”

We already talked about course correction in the past. See course correction is when you see the three steps ahead and then all of a sudden, what happens, the three steps aren’t quite working out. Course correct. Do you ever have to course correct when you’re playing the game monopoly or the game life? You do see, you know these fundamentals, just nobody taught you during the game when you’re playing. Hey, when somebody gets boardwalk in this and that, you got to course correct. This has to be your strategy. This has to be your strategy that you have to go for. Right?

What I want you to think about today is first, you know, I’m a big believer in understanding the past to change the future. Where in the past did you not apply this and what happened? I don’t want to bring you to a dark, crappy, shitty place right now where you’re like, “Oh my God, Mike’s always making me think about bad stuff”, but you got to think about the bad stuff sometimes, right? When you understand the bad, now say to yourself, you taught yourself the skill, “Oh I see. When i don’t do that, I get pain. I get a lot of pain.”

Now, you’re going to go to your business. From this day forward, just think: Every move I make, every step I make, what’s going to be the outcome? Think three steps ahead.

All right, that’s powerful enough for this episode of CEO Warrior TV. I’m Mike Agugliaro. I’m wishing you a better and great day. When? Today and everyday. I just want to get you a massive wealth, tons of freedom, market domination. Boom!


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