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3 Destructive Money Myths That Are Holding You Back From Making More Money

Money. Our whole world is built around it. You a run a business to make money and it costs money to run your business, too. Many of the things you want in life – from a nicer home and car to a family vacation… and even more free time or time with your family – is only possible when you make more money.

Unfortunately, there are 3 money myths that hold us back. In this article I want to expose these myths and share with you how you can explode them and start earning what you deserve and desire.

MYTH: Money isn’t the most important thing

FACT: Our parents and teachers probably told us this so that we would make sure that we focused on internal qualities like kindness, fairness, etc. And those qualities are important (and you should continually strive to become a better person) but money is the most important thing because money puts food on your family’s table, it puts a roof over your family’s head, and it provides your employees and their families, too. So it’s okay to make more money because money (when earned through ethical service) is a well-deserved reward that really is essential for life.

MYTH: Money doesn’t grow on trees

FACT: We are told this by parents because they got tired of us asking for stuff in the store and they knew that you had to work to make money. And perhaps this was reinforced in your early days of working because you were paid an hourly wage to do a job. But I can tell you that money does grow on trees: There is money everywhere and if you know how, you can almost pluck it from the trees. In my book The Secrets Of Business Mastery I even point out how this myth is LITERALLY untrue – because if you had an orange tree you could make and sell orange juice. In a figurative sense, you can make money from your talent, your team, your experience, and a list of prospective customers. Put those pieces together and you have a money tree that will “grow” cash for you all the time.

MYTH: You can’t raise your prices without “pushback” from customers

FACT: This is a common myth that service business owners tend to believe. They know they need to raise their prices but their customers balk at it. This is easily solved in three ways: First, your marketing needs to position you as the best service provider available to customers – as someone who provides amazing value for the service you deliver. Second, your marketing needs to be distributed to the correct market – a market that can afford paying the prices you set (stop marketing in areas that can’t afford you and this problem will be 50% solved before you even talk to the customer). Third, you need to serve your customers so much that they are amazed, surprised, delighted, and even SHOCKED at how much you gave. When you do that, they’ll happily pay what you ask.

Money is highly misunderstood. But here’s the great news: Money is an essential resource and there is a lot of it available all around us if you know how to get it.

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