Mike Agugliaro


Business Warrior;
Owner Multi Million Dollar Biz
Gold Medal Service & CEO Warrior

How to set goals. Make a plan. And win big.
FREE LIVE TRAINING - december 30, 2pm est

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Want MORE profits and growth for 2016?

Without a plan, 2016 will be a photocopy of this year. More work, more problems. More of the same. You need to do something different, to have different results. So during this live training...

I'm going to show you:

  • Why New Year's Resolutions and SMART Goals aren't enough - and how to set business goals and milestones that actually happen
  • The #1 fastest way to plan the whole of next year, so you don't get distracted or side-tracked by shiny objects - and can work the plan, and get the rewards.
  • My planning system that ensures you hit your 5 most important goals next year.
  • The three mistakes that business owners make this time of year that cost them money and lose them momentum.
  • How to "Preload Your Year", so that 2016 becomes an incredible success: for you, both personally, and professionally.
PLUS - receive the Pre Event Worksheet to get clarity on your goals.
Instead of being exhausted, you'll leave the year excited.
Instead of finishing up the year okay, you can set yourself up, so that 2016 is full of purpose, productivity and profit.