Came across him on the internet, also, I saw him in Contractor Magazine. He was featured. Mike was featured in Contractor Magazine. There was an article. That's where I really where I first came up and saw him was that. I'm like, “Wow, how could I … How could we become that?” I was just like in awe. I'm like, “Wow, this is, you know, I need to figure this out. How am I going to do this?” When I came across him, I'm like, “There it is.”

The other thing is I've been starting to get back into martial arts. I did it years ago, and I've just been getting back into it. I had a coach, a personal coach a year ago, when he talked about getting back into martial arts, and doing it. I just dropped the ball. I never did it. I saw Mike, and he's a big martial artist. I'm like, “Here it is, man. I'm doing it.” It's been a month now that I started back up. Been going twice a week, and I'm stoked.

There's not enough of me. I'm trying to do too much. I need to figure out how to delegate, and really empower people to, yeah, to take charge, to build systems, to really for so long, it was just, it was me. It was me and another contractor. He would sub a job out to me. I would sub one out to him. At some point, I'm like, “I've got to hire employees.” Yeah, I have six employees now.

Get up, and come to work on time. I've got one guy who's great, but he looks like Pig-Pen every time he shows up. He's in a dirtball. It's like trying to get him clean. I mean, he's a great worker, and I love him to death. He's such a great guy, but just trying to bring the company up. Bring the image, as far as how we are. As I said, I'm really lucky. I've got some really great employees. They're really good with the customers. They do great work. Sometimes better than what I can do. I go out to the job, and I'm like, “Wow. That's better than what I could do.” I've had that standard that, this is the standard I'm setting. This is where we need to be, and how do we grow the company and continue to keep that up, and how do we bring up the image of how we look and all that? That's the challenge is trying to grow that.

There's so many of them. Core values, really just trying to display your core values. The whole board analogy of us chopping through the board. That was just huge for me. What's holding you back, write it down. Get rid of it. That's been really huge. It's like … Yeah, so many things. Marketing is everything, and everything is marketing. I don't, yeah just realizing that and really understanding that.

I would say if you want to grow your business, it's where you need to be. I looked into a lot of different coaches. I even had a sort of personal life coach for a while. I kind of outgrew that, I think. Yeah, he's really holding your hand to the fire. It's great. I've been really excited about being here, and just thinking about what's going to happen when I get back. Trying to do it in a way where I'm not just bulldozing when I get back. Just really kind of working into that, and being like, “This is for all of us,” and for them to understand that it's for my personal growth, but it's also for my family, and it's for my employees, and it's for everyone. It's not just about me making a bunch of money. I really need my employees to understand that.

A couple million, two million, I don't know. We're a small company, under a million right now. I'm like, “Where's it going to go?” Triple us, I mean that's my vision, three, four million dollars.