Hey, Mike Agugliaro, our business warrior bringing you another video here today. Here's what the video's about. I want to ask you a question. What's the difference between a review, feedback or a performance interview? Think about that a minute. Well see, a lot of employees in companies only have one thing. They have a review, right? When people come in for a review, what do they want? They’re looking for more money. They're like, hey, you know, I've been working here for a while and I bought a dog and I'm having a baby. I'm like, don't buy a dog and don't have sex with your wife. It looks like we solved the problem. Go back to work, right?

I always think, because I don't give sympathy raises. I've been saying that for over 21 years now. Don't come to me with sympathy raise, come to me and tell me you know, you were just a worker and now you're an Olympian and now we can have a further conversation. I don't believe in a formal review at that type of thinking. Do they have a review? They have a performance review, that's when we're going to consider if there's any change in compensation.

Now a performance interview is about helping somebody become a better Olympian, a better warrior employee so that they can run faster. We're asking questions, what are you good at, what could you tweak, what could you change? We review all your skills, all your competencies. We review your core values, your KPIs, all the indicators, all your tasks. We look at the level of efficiency that you're running at, the level of production.

What do we do? We coach, we manage and we train to help them get better so they can get to a performance review where they can get more compensation and move up the food chain. They can more up in the company. Now what is this feedback thing? Well see when we do a performance interview, that's a sit down. You rank yourself, I rank you, we have conversations on how to help you get better. A performance review, we're evaluating all the performance for a period of time and we talk about compensation and what the future looks like.

Feedback is an every day thing. Feedback is a cultural thing. See, a lot of times we don't tell the employee that really disappointed me, or that was really amazing, or here's how you could just tweak that a little different. A lot of times we don't tell them because we feel they're going to push back on it because our culture is not one of feedback.

Here's what I want you to think today. Write down right now, your action item is to define what will feedback look like in my company? How will I deliver it? Will it be by a video, a phone call, a text, an email, in person, in a meeting? Then write down what you're going to do for performance interviews. What are you going to rank them on, what are they going to rank themselves on? How can you help them become better and then put the structure in for performance reviews.

Does that make a lot of sense? I mean this really has worked well in our company to just constantly keep it people, clarity, alignment and accountability. All right, I'm Mike Agugliaro, I'm wising you a better and great day today and every day. I'm just looking, I'm committed, right? Who's more committed to me? I mean who's done more videos than me to show their level of commitment to the movement of helping you get what? Massive wealth, tons of freedom and market domination, no one. Tough to stop a freight train.