Hey, Mike Agugliaro. Welcome to another episode of CEO Warrior TV. I'm bringing you another strategy to help you fast track things, to move things ahead, but here's what I want to tell you about moving ahead. I noticed that a lot of problems that are happening today is because business owners, service business owners are addressing what's happening tomorrow or right now. Here's the thing, the big companies out there, the companies that really figured it out, and I'll put myself in that bracket, I figured out a lot of stuff. What I figured out is if you're in it for today and tomorrow, you're probably missing a couple of things.

You see, you always have to be three steps ahead. If you start thinking three steps ahead, here's how I run through it. I'm like, okay, let me see, I'm going to bring this. We brought a new indoor air quality method and device and tools, just this whole strategic thing we brought, right? It senses 20 times our indoor air quality. We've done over I think 80 thousand dollars in just indoor air quality sales, extra sales, since just kicking this thing off, but what I do is I don't just look at okay, hey I'm going to bring this thing. I say okay look, I'm going to bring this indoor air quality strategy to the business, and then I'm going to watch what happens, but let me think out.

If we sell ten of these, what then will happen? If anything breaks, what will happen then? Then if we want to go from selling ten of this widget or whatever it is, to 50 of them, what would I have to think then? Once I map it out, it's like going through a journey through the woods, what if there's no bridge, and what if there's mud, and what if we get hurricanes or storms? You've got to think in the future. Then I can pull back and make sure I'm not missing anything in the plan. It's lot different when you're thinking of reverse engineering. Reverse engineering, you're like I want to make ten million dollars, let me back into the calls, let me back into the conversion, how many employees.

I could reverse engineer that, but here's the part that most people miss in this whole journey of reverse engineering. It's what are those three steps ahead road blocks that will happen? If I'm coming back and I need this many employees and say a couple leave. I don't know, what will I have to do? Say there's truck breakdown or maybe there's economic change, whatever is happening. There could be road blocks. Here's your homework, your exercise that I want you to do. I want you to start thinking three steps ahead with everything, so tomorrow you're going to plan your day.

You're like okay, I've got this, these things I'm going to do. If there was three steps ahead on these things, what would those three steps look like? What could it play out to be and what could it play out to be different if maybe I just moved the chess piece a little further, because that's how the game of chess is played, and I'm no master chess player. I've played it a couple of times. I don't even know if I can play again. I don't even know if I want to play again because you know what? I'm playing in business and life chess every day because I'm constantly thinking what are those strategic moves way out in the distance that are going to help me make better decisions?

I hope you get this. This is such a big concept to understand, to not only bring to your employees. If a service expert goes in the field and he's going to be servicing a customer, doesn't he have to think three steps ahead, like if I'm going to re-do the water heater, how am I going to get the old one out, the other one up the steps? How am I going to get rid of it? Maybe it's wet aside and do I have the dolly? As trades people, technically, you've been conditioned to think three steps ahead because there's so many moving factors to every technical job.

I just want you to bring it back now to the business side of things and get that thinking, and just maybe put some kind of reminder on you that says every time I'm going to go do this, boom, I know I remember Mike saying, let me just project three steps ahead, what's this going to be. I'm Mike Agugliaro. I'm wishing you a better than great day, today and every day. I just want to help you get, what do I want to help you get? Come one. Massive wealth, tons of freedom, and market domination. That's what I want to do. All right, go apply this new learning fast track learning today.