Hey, Mike Agugliaro here bringing you another episode of CEO Warrior TV. Bringing in the fast track method here, and today I wanted to tell you about we had an episode about how to do meetings, set the structure, and stuff like that, agenda and time frames. I wanted to talk to you about ways that you could have meetings to get results where you don't have to bring people. You can imagine GE and these big monster companies, they're not flying everybody into one room to have a meeting. What are some ways that you could have a meeting to get effective results without having to get everybody in a room?

You have your go to webinars, so if you wanted to set up a 7 AM to 7:15 meeting, tell everybody from their home, “Log in 5 minutes early, we're going to be on for 15 minutes,” and you could use a go to webinar thing where you could show some slides and stuff. You could have your little meeting, right? You could cover things that maybe are going to be problems in your industry or field that's going on. Maybe you want to cover a little customer service training, or maybe you just want to do a little motivation training there. Remember, there's the coaching, and then there's managing, and then there's teaching. Maybe you want to cover one of those three things.

They also have a device, the thing I use for all of my seminars is called Instant Teleseminars. This is where everybody could log in a line, and you can do fancy slides and stuff, I don't do that, but they could call in a line. The great thing about that is you can record that call, have your meeting no matter where everybody is. It could be a 12:00 noon meeting, and then after the meeting you have the recording, and you can send that out as a followup. Instead of having a meeting and somebody misses it and then you've got to go and try to give them all this information, you don't have to go through that stuff, right? You can have your meeting, you have the recording, do a little summary, send it out to everybody else, log that meeting.

Now the cool thing is, guess what? If anything comes back from this meeting that one of the people on the team, they just didn't understand or they're not getting the results, guess what? You just say, “Pretty simple. Hey dude, here. I'm sending this to you, make sure you record it. I'm going to be talking to you in a day or so, I'm going to do a little recap.” That's a couple of effective ways that you could do meetings without having to bring everybody in and have that labor, and the parking, and all that stuff. Remember, the boundaries are only as limited as your mind will let you limit them.

All right, I'm Mike Agugliaro, I'm wishing you a very great day today and every day. Want to help you get massive wealth, tons of freedom, boom, market domination. Go get it, go to work.