Hey, Mike Agugliaro, bringing you another fast-track business breakthrough. Are you ready for this one? Come on. I know, once you get on a roll watching these videos, you don’t want to stop. It’s like brain fuel. It just brings you in and charges you up. It’s funny, a lot of times, I’ll go back, and I’ll watch my own videos, especially if I’m doing a quick edit and sending it to my team. I’m like “Damn, that was good”. Look, not good like ego Mike, that was good. I was like “Man, am I doing that?” It’s a spot check. The more of these I do, the more empowered I get to spot check and make sure my team is doing it.

A lot of times, I send these videos to my team so they can watch. You guys know, I’m a big advocate about doing videos, because I can type this out, I can put a fancy picture. You won’t get it like I’m explaining now. You won’t get the emotion and the power. Today, I’m going to deliver … Yes, I know, it’s one of my favorite ones. Here’s the thing. Are you ready for this? Take out a piece of paper. Get it, come on quick. Get a piece of paper or your computer. Ready? Type this down. Why, w-h-y? You’re like, what the … He’s lost all sense of reality. Probably. I probably did. Here’s the thing. All the magic happens in answering the why. You have to understand why.

Here’s the thing. I want to know what my employees like. I have a window, and there’s a bird. Let’s just take a look real quick so you know I’m not crazy. That’s outside. It’s gone. It made me a liar. All right, it’s cool. We’re back. Oh, it’s back again. I turn that thing and it went away. All right, I won’t get distracted. Sometimes, I get that guy thing, it’s like squirrel, boom, and we’re totally distracted we’re looking away. Answering the why, I ask the employees when they come aboard and they join our team, “Hey, why are you here?” They’re like, “I want a great career”. Okay, cool that sounds real nice. “Why are you really here?” “Well, I need a job”. “Why do you need a job?” “Well, I need money”. “Well, why do you need money?” You see how I’m funneling this down? I know what they think is why, but the real why is about 10, 20 layers down.

“Why do you need money?” “Well, I’ve got to feed my kids”. “Okay, why do they need to eat?” “Well, I need to give them a home”. “But why?” Let’s get to this why. Once I know it’s because I want to create an amazing lifestyle for my family, and I want to serve them like a father should serve, at the highest possible level, I never want to let my family and children down. I’m like, “Okay cool I got it. That’s your why”. Now, I can stack everything to help you get to your why. When you’re not getting to your why, what do I do? Some people say. “Mike, you’re a little crude when you do this”, but look, when I know your why, my job as an owner is to help you get to your why.

If you’re not bonusing, you’re not getting clients, you’re not growing, I’m like, “Hey, I just want to ask you a question. Based on the results you’ve been getting lately, based on what you've been doing, how has that been serving your why, your family?” They’re like, “Oh, no”. I’m like, “No, don’t look down. Tilt your head up”. This is not about depression, and oh, man I’m failing. No, it’s about snap out, and let’s look. What do you need? Is it mindset, skill set or action set? What do you need to fix it? The same thing with a business. Why do you have a what? Why do I do this? What is my why? I told you guys my why, whoever is watching this, a hundred times. I’m creating a movement to change more business owner lives than anybody on the planet.

When you think of Anthony Robbins, in the motivational change life world, they’re one, he’s the one. I’m the one, that’s my why, that anything else is unacceptable. That’s my movement. That’s what I’m doing. I’m very clear on my why. Everything gets aligned with it. I don’t let anything get fuzzy or get in the way of my why. It’s not a crude thing. It’s an understanding thing. Same thing as when you ask your kids. You’re like, “Hey, why did you throw the rock?” They’re like, “Well, I was just playing, and it hit the window”. “Okay, but why?” “Well, I wanted to have fun”. You end up where really, the kid just wanted to see if he threw a rock at the window, would it break. I’m cool with that.

Let me know your why. I may not love it, I may not agree with it, it may cost me personal money, but I want to know the why that drives you, what makes you do the things you do, what made you do the things you do, what will make you do the things you do. Those three different ways mean three different things. One, get real clear on your personal why. Second, understand the why of everybody you’re working with. What is their why? The more you can serve others, get their why, the more they’ll serve you in return. It’s one of the biggest questions. Understanding the why of what fuels you, what you need, these types of things has been one of my driving forces, and also one of my keys to unlock the doors in business owners and really figure out why they’re in the position they’re in, because maybe they didn’t identify one of these things.

Remember, once I identify it, and once I align it, now I can fix it. Now I can give you skill sets. Now I can help your mindset believe things in a different way, create that wiring like we talk about. I can do those different things. Today, here’s your action. You got the word written down, “why”, and the question mark? I just want you to answer, just to yours. Why are you doing what you’re doing? If your answer is I don’t know, then you’re unclear and you have to answer that. Once you answer that, things will start to change. I don’t know if they’re going to change for the better or worse, but they’re going to change. Change is inevitable.

All right, I’m Mike Agugliaro. I’m wishing you a better than why day, and I want to help you get massive wealth, tons of freedom and market domination. Have a better than great day. Double boom … Boom.