Hey, yeah I can't do this video. My throat's a little sore today. The tripod's a little off. I'm in my office and it's noisy. I couldn't find anybody to fix the lights. What are you kidding me? You're here to make more excuses? Come on, you know who I am, Mike Agugliaro, business ninja, founder of the $23 million business blueprint and service business warrior mastermind, greatest mastermind in the planet. I will make no excuses and neither should you.

Uh oh, I got a pop-up here but here's what we're going to do. Storage almost full? What is up with that? The business ninja is talking too much I'm filling up the storage on my phone, but we ain't stopping. We're going till this phone shuts down or I'll explode the storage and I'll go buy a bigger association ninja phone.

But listen, listen to yourself talk. Tell your team to call you out on every excuse. “I can't find no guys.” Really? The whole planet is dead like everybody is gone? Like there's nobody in the world that would relocate here. There's nobody in the world that you can train and grow to do this. There's nobody in the world that's unhappy at their job? Excuse.

“Oh I can't get more money, I'm tapped out.” Really? Every bank, every angel investing, every investor won't help you? You're just the only one. Excuse. What other excuse you got? “My marketing don't work. This doesn't work. My employee stink. My customers are cheap.” Excuse, excuse, excuse.

Today's breakthrough challenge is this, challenge your own excuses. When they come out your mouth, pinch your arm. Aw, that was- I never did that before. I'm not one of those guys but yeah, some people wear a rubber band and snap it, that's my 212, extra one degree there, right?

You guys know what I'm talking about. At 211 degrees what happens? Nothing, you got hot water. At 212, you got steam. One extra degree can power a locomotive. I wasn't here to talk about that. I was talking about excuses. There is no excuses. I want you to tell your team, “I'll accept no excuses in my company and I don't want you to accept any excuses from me.” Because sometimes the only thing or I should say the very first thing that has to change, guess what it is. It's you.

I'm Mike Agugliaro, I'm wishing you a better than great day today and every day. I want to help you get to massive wealth. Tons of freedom, market domination. You know what my mission is and my passion, I'm shifting this industry in a whole new way.