Hey, Mike Agugliaro, business ninja, founder of the 23 Million Dollar Business Blueprint and Service Business Warrior Mastermind. Greatest business mastermind. Yes. Don't look at me like I'm getting all freaky and mad on you. I'm getting excited. Greatest business mastermind of planet and I have this for you. Yes, a nickel. You know why? Because some of you are playing so small and I couldn't find a penny. Otherwise I would have a penny for small.

You're playing so small because you choose to, not because you want to. You choose to. Now you could be playing. Yes. Say hello. See if we can make a move. You could be playing big. Don't look. Here, try to take it. Go ahead. Now if you tried to reach out to your screen, yeah, that's freaky weird. Let me tell you what I'm here to even talk to you about. It's about paying small. How small are you playing? With what level of energy? Are you playing with nickels energy or hundreds energy or thousands energy?

See when you play small you're servant small. You're serving your family small. You're serving you employees small. Serving your vendors small. That's what playing small does. Some of you are like, “Mike, Mike, back off. Don't get so rough on me. I didn't mean to play small.” Yes, it's a choice. It's a choice you choose. You see playing small is when you think you have the answers. You know what to do but you're on that, “Oh, yeah. Here is comes.”

That's not 225, that's the hamster wheel. Yes, the hamster wheel. You're on the hamster wheel playing small. You're doing the same things over and over again, you're expecting a change. Guess what? You've been doing the same things some of you for 20 years, some of you for 3 years. If you're doing the same thing you were just doing a year ago, you're already getting in a rut. You're already reaching out to me saying, “Mike, I don't get it. I've been in this thing. I've been reading these books. I've been in this organization. I worked with these coaches for 3 years now but I'm not further ahead.”

I love when I talk to companies and their like, “Yeah, I done so good. Three years ago I was this.” I'm like, “Good. What happened the year after?” “Yeah, I went a little more.” “What happened the year after that?” “I went flat.” “What happened last year?” “Yeah, I'm behind a little bit.” “You're behind a little bit? What are you doing? What are you doing wrong?” You probably read the book Who Moved My Cheese. Who Moved My Cheese used to last for 50 years, a 100 years. The cheese never moved. Now, it moves everyday. It moved yesterday. When you play small you can't even see the cheese when it's gone.

It's like boom, here, gone. That fast. Here's the money. It's gone. Here's the money. Someone else just took it. Today I want you to just grab a paper, go in a quiet place, go in your backyard, I don't care. Sit in a hole somewhere, sit in a cardboard box. I just want you to write this. Order all the things you know that you've been doing to play small and have been serving you and your family, your kids, your employees and everybody else so small. Write them down and then what I want you to do is don't panic, don't start freaking out, looking for medication or something. Don't get all crazy. You don't have to.

What I want you to just do is once you have that list, let's look at what does it take to conquer it one by one. You heard the theory. How do you eat an elephant? One step at a time. Stop staring at this. I know you guys are like, “Mike, you always go money.” Well, yeah. I'm making a point and yeah I've made some money. Right? Do you guys think that I just doing these videos for nothing? I mean I want you to take something you hear on this. I want you to go write the list of what you've been playing small and I want you to find solutions and start chipping away and change your life.

If the videos I do just changes one person's life then it was worth it to me. It was worth everything to me. Today make your list, take the challenge. Write all the ways you've been playing small. Open your mind, get rid of the ego. We talked about that before. Write the things down and then let's take them on. Let's start to chip away from them. All right, I'm Mike Agugliaro. I'm wishing you a better than not nickel, hundred dollars and millions a day. I want to help you get the massive wealth, tons of freedom, market domination.