Hey, Mike Agugliaro here bringing you another episode of ServiceKeyTV, and yes, I'm looking at you. Today's episode is going to be really cool. It's a fast track acceleration method on how to go about and read a book. Not just read a book. What do you do with books, how do you make it so that you have a system as you're going through books. You're getting the most out of the book that you can.

I have my book here, Secrets of Business Mastery, and I have my little handy highlighter packet and what I've learned about when you go through books … In here, not only do I have three different color highlighters because I'll normally … I'll normally highlight in yellow, items that really caught my eye or things that I'm like, “Man, that was really, really interesting.”

Then I'll highlight in green action items like, “I got to do this. This made so much sense to me. This is going to make me money. This is going to make me more profit.” Green is always action items.

Then orange are normally for me, they're just interesting things. Things I want to go back, I want to read more about or I want to research about. Then I normally have my cool little kick-ass, some kind of pen that makes me feel good, because I learned when you're writing with something of high quality, it makes you feel good. You kind of act like you're in a different mindset.

What I'll do as while I'm going through the book … Now, this book that I'm the author of and wrote, this one has action items in it. This was made as a workable book. At the end of every chapter, you're taking action items and you're taking action. I made this book to make it tons of profit and more money and not just casual reading.

The cool thing is when you're in here and you're writing in this book, you could start your action items and at the end of every chapter, summarize those. Look, if you're reading a book and you're not taking action at the end … Yeah, it might even enjoyable, but you're not getting what you need.

That's why when I go to someone's house, I'm like, “Man, you got all these books, let me look.” I open up, there's nothing written in it or there's no sticky tabs or anything out of it, I'm like, “What did you learn from this one?” “Oh, it was a great book.” “Well, what are the top three good things in it?” “Yeah.” I'm like, “Oh man, you don't remember, right?” You read it but you were so worried about saving it like there was a competition for the most perfect read book without any marks in it.

I believe graffiti your books, create action items, make sure you got your pen, your highlighter, and some sticky tabs. I didn't bring those out. You guys know what sticky tabs are. Make sure as you're reading your book, at the end of the day, you want to leave with at least three to five things that are going to make you more money, save you time, leverage your business, give you personal growth, whatever the reason you're reading that book is. That's why I built this book.

I hope that helps today and give you a little bit of framework on how to go about reading a book and then make it the most effective for you personally. All right, I'm Mike Agugliaro. I'm wishing you massive wealth, tons of freedom and market domination. All right, and if you want this book, go to Amazon. You could get it and then send it to me, I'll sign it.

All right, maybe just reach out to me and I'll send you one. All right, Mike Agugliaro. Have a great day.