Hey, Mike Agugliaro here, bringing you another episode of Service Key TV, yup, another fast track. Let's talk about another fast track method.

Today I want to bring you the word, it's something that I've lived with and I live with today. Can you guess what the word is? It's endurance. You know why endurance is such an important word is because not even just that it's a word, it's meaning and what you do with it. Because today in the service business you have to have endurance to keep going. Oh, I just realized I've got my glasses on for this video. All right, now you know I wear glasses, all right, cool. Endurance is what it takes to be able to keep going even though there might be some diversity, some things going on. There might be employees quitting or you might be hiring or you might be tired or there might be bad weather or too many calls or not enough calls. At the end of the day, guess what, you have to have this endurance, this willingness to push forward even when you're exhausted, knowing that at the end there's this result you want.

Now the problem with a lot of service companies is not the endurance, because they're running, they keep running and running and running and they don't stop. They're like, I work 20 hours a day, and I'm like, yeah man, that's a lot of hours, why are you still where you're at? Why are you still stuck? Because you know what, if you're running in quicksand you don't move forward. If you're running on grease you're moving real fast. I love when people tell, even some of my own employees tell me sometimes, they're like, man he puts in a lot of hours. I say, look I'd rather him put in less hours and get more results. It's not about the time you put in, it's about the results you get with the time you're putting in.

So today I want you to take this challenge and just examine, rank yourself right now from 1 to 10. Where are you on your level of endurance, but endurance of doing the right things and making traction. 10's always the best and 1 is you suck at it. Where are you? Because until you can give yourself an honest measurement, you don't know if you're moving forward or moving back, you're just kind of using words like, yeah I do okay. No, I don't know what okay is. Or, I'm doing amazing. I don't know what amazing is. So be honest with yourself first, where's your level of endurance, and then go for it.

Now I'm going to tell you a couple things that can affect endurance. Look, if you don't live a healthy lifestyle-and I'm not talking about being a gym rat or drinking avocado juice every day. Even though that stuff will help, but look, if you don't have the healthy lifestyle and you're sluggish, if you take muddy gasoline, garbage gasoline with lots of water and put it in your car, how does your car run? I mean I'm not no health nut or guru on that, I just know that it's hard to have a high level of endurance and energy with a crappy vehicle. It just doesn't work that way. So examine what might be pulling back your endurance.

All right, I'm mike Agugliaro, I'm wishing you a better and great day, today and every day. You know what, I just want to help you get massive wealth, tons of freedom, and market domination. All right, I'll see you on the next Service Key video. Go fast track some things.