Hey, Mike Agugliaro, bring you another method of, boom, fast track business break through. You know why I'm here, because this probably is not the first video you're watching, it's one of many. You should watch one everyday. Lot's of great videos, but look I'm giving you stuff to bring in your business, bring in your life, and do right now. Here's what I'll talk about today, addictions. Yep, yep, I have addictions, okay? Why you looking at me like that's bad? It's so crazy how we give these meanings to words because that's all we heard is that someone has a drug addiction, or sex addiction, or some kind of addiction, and they're all bad. Here's what I'm addicted to, I'm addicted to changing lives. Is that bad? Huh?

Anything that's overly used that affects certain levels of your life, your wealth, your health, could be bad, but look addictions are great. Just create amazing addiction. I'm addicted to getting results. I'm addicted to doing the very best videos I can, I'm addicted to that. I'm addicted to delivering the very best content, content like this for nothing. I ask nothing in return of you at all. I'm addicted to that, because I want to serve you at the highest level. I know if I serve enough people, and change enough lives, everything else just happens for me. That was one of those fu-fu things you heard, right? Like, hey do on to others, they'll do on to you, and all these crazy things. No, it's true. I just had to start doing it.

I never tested it enough to see the results that I would get. I get people email me, and private message me, all the time, “Man that video changed the game for me, changed my life, changed relationship, changed my business.” That's what keeps me jacked up, right? Addictions, look, I want you to look at the words right now. Just addiction. I want to ask yourself, ask yourself this, if you were to get addicted to anything, how about addicted to owning the very best life you can have, creating the very best energy you could have? Creating the very best body built like a machine that you could have?

Today I want you to just … Let's just think now. I want you to think one thing, not something that's hurting, or detrimental, or kills people, or hurts you, or hurts others around you. I want you to think of what could you get addicted to, okay? Addicted to … I've become addicted now to making sure I'm doing some kind of physical exercise every day. If it's walking a little more, around the office little more, going home with my son, pushing on the bench, whatever it is, training martial arts, I'm addicted to just doing something a little physical every day. I know that's sharpening my mind and my body.

Pick one thing today, that's your action item. We'll keep this short and sweet. Pick one thing you want to be addicted to right now. I'm addicted to having a wealth mindset, a success mindset, a freedom mindset, I'm addicted to that. All right, you pick your addiction, your good addiction that serves you, your family, your vendors, your employees, and everybody. That's what I want you to do right now. I'm Mike Agugliaro, I'm wishing you a better than healthy addiction day. That's what I'm wishing you, have a better than great day.