Hey! Mike Agugliaro coming at you with another fast track business breakthrough. This is a great one: controlling your interruptions. If you're like me, years ago I'm like on the cell phone, people are knocking on the door, I'm getting interruptions everywhere right? I'm getting bombarded. It's supply houses, it's employees, and then to top it off, right, you know when you're at that point? You're like so maxed out, you're like so many interruptions, you're juggling things and things are flying and falling and then all of a sudden, bring, bring, and you answer, it's a telemarketer. You're like, “What? What the f– I don't want this network. F– off!” Right? You're like boom, because you hit the edge.

Instead of saying to yourself, “Wait a minute, I need a different way.” I need a different system. I need a different path to do, what happens tomorrow? You go to bed saying, “Ah, men, tomorrow is going to be just like today. I'm going to repeat it.” Yeah, because insanity is you just keep doing that same thing you're doing and you expect that shit to change. It doesn't change, right? It doesn't change unless you implement things to make it change.

You know if there's one of the things out there that's the difference between success and failure or the super successful and the super failures, guys that don't figure it out or ladies that don't figure out it, it's not willing to make the change. Sometimes they make change. I hear this, ah, man, I hear this all the time because I talk to about anywhere between 20 to 30 people a week. Business owners from all over the world, Australia, everywhere, and I love when they tell me, “I tried it. I did it. I tried it.” I'm like, “You tried it? How many times did you try it?” “A couple times.” “Two?” “No, more than two.” “Well, you said a couple. Let's get clear here, are you lying to me or lying to yourself? And what did you try and did you tweak it?” “No, I tried. It doesn't work.” “Okay, let's look at it this way. In that state of mind and the way that you're talking to to me, you can't change anything right? You're probably having problems in lots of area, is that true?” “Tons of problems, tons of problems, tons of problems.” I'm like, “Okay, cool. Are you ready to just do something a little different and give it a shot, because what other chance you got?”

Business owners all the time they're like, “You know, I'm thinking about just selling the business.” I'm like, “Cool, sell it.” Were you looking for a hug? You wanted a hug from me? Look, it ain't working, you don't want to make a change, you tried everything, sell it. Sell it me like get the hell out all ready. Don't sit there and keep playing that, “I'm going to sell it.” You're like, “Come on Boo-Boo, let me give you a hug. Come here. You feel better? Go out there and mess it up more.” No, you got to be willing to make these changes to things, right? Until you make a change, you can't go anywhere.

All right, so, let's break this down a minute. That's so crazy, because you know what happened there and I'm not even cutting this. I was so in my mind about this change and thinking about how painful it was for me, I forgot the message that I wanted to tell you. So look, we're going to keep it rolling, because look I'm as real as you guys, but I wanted to get to how do I control these interruptions, that's where I was going with it.

All right, sometimes my mind just starts going wild directions for you guys. That's why I'm here right? I'm not asking you to pay nothing for this. I'm here because you guys know I'm creating a movement. I'm changing this industry greater than any guru, any consultant, any coach on the planet, period, and I'm doing that for you.

So I don't get distracted again here on this, let's get back. How do you control those distractions coming from all angles? Look, I have a simple method it's a one, a three, and a five that's it. It's simple. If you need me and it's an emergency, that's like a 911, right? The customer is having problems, doesn't understand what you're doing, you're on a call back, things are breaking, things are bad, you need an answer because without an answer you can't move forward or you can't serve somebody else, you text a five. If I get a five that means stop whatever I'm doing, almost anything, don't get freaky on me here, almost anything. I stop and boom, I handle it. My team, they handle it.

A three is do me a favor before the end of the day hit me up. Okay, I just want to talk to you about something. I'm like cool, it's not an emergency, but they want a call at the end of the day. I always say like if you don't hear from me by the end of the day which is five or six sometimes, you just text me another three, maybe I lost my mind a little bit, I forgot, whatever it is, don't let it go. Let's make sure we talk, but the three allows that I'm not getting those interruptions, because guys use to call me all the time like, “Hey, man, I just did an amazing job. You got to see this water heater. You got to see this job I did like everything was so …” I'm like, “Cool, cool. Great, great.” I'm like five minutes and I love to hear those stories, I just didn't need to hear it right now in the middle of building the business.

Then a one is hey dude, I'm just driving, I'm bored off my mind. I'm just looking for someone to talk. I don't get like I never get a one. Okay, but I'm sure some of my other employees get one's and that's cool for them, because maybe there is time they just want to chat. I get three's and I get five's and very rarely do I get a five, because most of the fives are handled by my leadership team and my managers, but I get three's every now and then. A guy is just like, “Hey, I want to talk to you,” and they're bringing me great ideas, because you see in my company, I'm looking for everybody to bring amazing ideas to me, because they see things truer than I see it. I'm not out there in a truck. I'm not in the house with the customer. They bring information and are like, “Hey, we should try this.”

So here's the deal, first, let's just do a little exercise here. Think what are the top three interruptions you get right now. What are the top three? Go ahead. All right, cool. I hope you got three. I know you might have a hundred, but just take three. One millimeter, we just got to chip it down a little bit at a time. I want you to ask yourself out of the three, will this method work? If it will, it's real simple, you just stand in front of your meeting, you could even do a video like this and say it's a one-three-five and here's what it is. Five, you need me right now. You need an answer that's stopping you from moving forward. A three, before the end of the day, and one you're just looking to chit chat.

Now, if out of the three that you picked, if that method won't work which to me it will work with anybody, even if you had a vendor that reaches out to you all the time. They can use this. I'm having a hard time thinking of an example when you educate this method people wouldn't use that, okay? But just start with the three. After you chip off the three, then look for the next three.

I understand, look, this is one method. Sometimes you'll need systems and we're going to do another video. I'm going to do a new video about systems and processes so keep an eye out of that, but this is a simple system right? Simple to put in place, this way you can own your time.

I'm Mike Agugliaro. I'm wishing you a better than great day today and everyday. Okay, and what do I want you do with it? Get massive wealth, tons of freedom, and market domination. Sometimes I just want to push it into you so you can get all that wealth. Every business owner, everyone on the planet deserves massive wealth, tons of freedom, and market domination. Have a better than great day.