Hi. I'm Mike Agugliaro, business ninja. You're like, what the? Is he a robot. I'm like no, I'm showing you something. Look, I know I say a lot of times this is my best video, this is my most favorite subject. Then before I click the button to record this I'm like, “Damn I got hundreds of thousands of great subjects.” I love them all. Today what am I talking about? I'm talking about the gap. Don't worry about this finger. This finger has got problems. It's bending over, you see that? It's crazy.

All right? They want to do all kinds of stuff, but we ain't doing it. We ain't changing that, so don't look at the finger. We got the gap. The gap is where all the magic lives. The second magic lives in the question. Where am I? Where do I want to go? What's the space I have to fill? Now the reason I'm telling you this is because we all have a gap. We have a gap in our business. We have a gap in our life. A gap in our finances. Even if it's small. Some things are big gaps, right?

Some people if their relationships, the big gap. That's the big problem and they have lots of money. Some people it's finances and their relationships are good. Sometimes it's the business side of things. Sometimes it's as a leader I have a gap on my skillsets as a leader. Take this concept today of gap, which I didn't invent it. It's been out there a long time. I don't even know who invented it. If you figure out who's the very first caveman who said it, you know what I mean?

Hit me up and tell me, but otherwise take the philosophy here of the gap. Because when I'm looking at an employee and I look at their results, and we just did a report the other day with last year. We have a gap. We have incentive programs for our guys and [inaudible 01:30] programs. Last year we gave out over $339,000 in incentives, but some people get a lot and some don't. That's a space. I'm asking the employee, okay, wait a second here. You're here. You want more. Let's look at this space in time.

In the space in time is normally a skillset or a mindset or an action set. That's the easiest way to fill that. Okay? Sometimes inside that spot in the company, what's missing is the clarity, alignment and accountability. Then sometimes what's missing and these are the nine pillars, sometimes what's missing is the training, the coaching and the managing. These are the nine pillars that change the game, but I have to first where are you at? Where are you going? Understand that gap. Then I can pull in the pillars, right?

I pull in the secret ingredient, one of those, and I implement it. Then all of a sudden I get change. When I fill the gap, what happen? I normally create another gap because anytime you change something or fix a problem, you create a new problem. That's not a bad thing. Problems are not bad things, they're good things. Unless you have problems, you're not growing.

Problems are normally just items to change. Maybe we should change the name from problem, but see I don't have the negativeness attached to problem. What I want you to do is right now let's just break it down because this can all of a sudden, you could be like boom, right? Exploding. You're like, “Oh man. A lot to think about, Mike. You gave me too much to think about.”

Here's what I want you to do. Just look at yourself and ask yourself what's the gap you have? Where are you at? Where do you want to go? One of the things. Is it your relationship? Is it your wealth? Is it your health? Is it your finances? Is it your belief system? Your faith or whatever you believe in there? What are these things? What's the gap. Just pick one.

Got it? Okay, now that we have that, now I can say okay, in the gap the only thing that can happen is you say, “I don't know how to get there.” Now I'm going to tell you 75% of the time everybody knows what to do, they just need to hear it one more time. That's why I do these videos, right? Because it's my movement. I want to change more lives, business owner lives on this planet before I'm done than any other human has ever changed. Okay? That's my movement.

The thing is that if you don't understand how to do it, well then I've got to find someone to do it. I'm a gap filler, right? People come to me, business owners and come to either my four day or three day event or they come and they work with me for 12 months or longer because what they want me to do is show them how to collapse the gap and close it. When we do that they move forward. It creates a new gap. Then they want me to close it. That's how you go from a half a million to a million to over 23 million. That's what I've been doing for 10 years, closing a sequence of these gaps.

Now what a lot of people forget to do is they close the gaps on the business side, but then they forget all the other pieces, right? I close the gap, big business, divorced. I hate that. I'm with my wife over 27 years. I hate when I hear that happening. Success and failure or failure and failure and divorce. I understand that look, some of it's meant to be, but most of the time it's because one person outgrew the other or one person is not serving the other. This ain't a relationship video.

Maybe I should do one because the one thing me and my wife, I call her my goddess Jennifer, do is I always talk like maybe we should just do a weekend and do this. We won't charge. We'll just give back and have people come in because I know we've figured out some of the formulas. Some of the things that I talk about like the success and the gap. Is there a gap in relationship from where you are to where you want the relationship to be? On both sides.

Could it be two different gaps? Yes. On health, where are you? Where do you want to be? Today here's what I want you to do. Just identify the gap. This is your action item to do. Identify the gap in one area, one thing, one piece of your business. Oh my God, don't take on, don't say, “Oh my God. Here's my business. I've got a big gap.” No, that's a lot, right? That's a lot. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time?

I just want you to pick one piece and pick the low hanging fruit. Okay? Maybe it's a conversion piece. Maybe it's I'm not getting my price book done so I don't have consistency. Maybe I have too many call backs on making money, but I'm losing money because I keep bleeding it out. Just pick one gap you want to close and then you have a choice. You either know what to do and start doing it or you got to find somebody who knows how to fix it. Then get it fixed. I'm Mike Agugliaro. I'm wishing you a better than great day today and every day. I want to help you get massive wealth, what else? Come on, answer it. Tons of freedom and market domination. Have a better than great day.