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  • Is your business healthy and growing or is it plateaued and struggling? 
  • How do you know what’s wrong in your business and how do you fix it? (Even if your business is growing, could it grow faster?)
  • What happens if you run out of money?
  • What happens if you have to let your employees go?
  • What do you tell your family if there’s not enough money? (Your family is counting on you.)
These are the questions that keep service business owners awake at night.
And during the ride into work each morning, you’ve probably felt a knot in your stomach about the catastrophes that could happen today.

How do you know what to do? How do you turn the ship around? Where are the leaks? Where are the hidden business-killing dangers? This free assessment will show you.

This free assessment takes just 9 minutes or less and has been built to focus in on the key areas where many service businesses struggle. By scoring your business in these questions, our software will quickly be able to analyze the condition of your company and email you with the action steps to fix it.
Look, you probably got into the industry because you liked helping people, you thought you could do it better than an employer, or you were handed the family business. You didn’t get into the business because you are a business expert. (Most service business owners don’t have an MBA in business.) This assessment was designed to help you identify where to make changes.
  • You probably know some of the challenges already but do you know how to fix them?
  • Finally get the clarity you need to know exactly what to fix (and what is working fine)
  • Get an action plan that will put you on the path to growth
  • Focus in on key areas that will create massive growth (even if you’re barely making ends meet right now)
  • For already successful businesses: use this assessment to find out how to squeeze the lemon and get more out of your business daily!
There is nothing more powerful than knowledge, and you have nothing to lose by taking this free assessment. Therefore, get the knowledge and the action plan to make a decision about how to stop worrying and start growing your company.

Take this free assessment to diagnose the health of your business and get a game-plan that will help you fix what’s broken. Even if your business is successful (or seems like it’s doing okay), you may be at risk of a critical failure from a hidden problem.
BONUS: Take the free assessment today and you’ll also receive a digital copy of the 9 Pillars 2.0 book!
Transform your life: generate more wealth. Enjoy more free time. Master any skill. Achieve your dreams. Surpass your goals. Grow in your personal and professional life. Enjoy stronger relationships. Get healthy. Build a more successful business.

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