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If you have an audience of service business owners, the best way to capture their attention, hold them riveted to their seats, and send them away inspired is to put Mike Agugliaro on the stage.

Mike Agugliaro’s story starts out in a familiar way for most service business owners but turns inspiring, strategic, and highly actionable.

Mike started as an electrician in the home service industry – and he and his business partner struggled for the first decade. Nearing burnout, they decided to make a massive shift, and began studying other successful businesses (including Disney, Zappos, Amazon, and others). That changed everything and, for more than a decade after that shift, they ran New Jersey’s largest home service business, with over 145 trucks and over 125,000 customers – and their company earned more than $32 million a year.

Mike sold the company he co-owned and today he and his business partner serve business owners worldwide with the best field-tested strategies and ideas. Along with coaching and consulting, Mike shares his best strategies with audiences all over the world in workshops, seminars, and keynote speeches.

From recruiting and training to marketing and service, Mike shares all of the same best practices he uses daily. He understands that real change starts within, so he’s not afraid to address personal development topics like limiting beliefs and goal-setting, but he always brings it back to the practical strategies that will directly apply to his audience.

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Recruiting and Training: How to attract and build a team of A-Players (even when you don’t think you’re big enough). If you think you’re too small or can’t pay enough or don’t have a wide enough pool of people to draw from, Mike shows a better way to build a team and reveals how he’s built a large team of A-players using unique recruiting and training strategies.

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: Does it feel like your team is a group of unruly individuals? The answer might surprise you: your organization lacks culture. Few business owners realize the importance of culture but they sure feel the difference when it’s missing! Mike is the industry’s leading authority on creating a powerful culture in your business.

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Marketing: Discover Mike’s powerful, proven marketing strategies that often cost less yet deliver a higher return on marketing dollars invested. He explains step-by-step strategies, debunks industry myths about marketing, and he shares what’s working in business right now. If you want to spend less to get more effective marketing, you need to hear what Mike has to say.

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Serving: Trying to serve customers in your market? Most people think they understand customer service… Until they hear Mike’s approach. Mike walks his audience through his proprietary Framework For Service to show how service can be a profit-generating tool. This talk shocks people into realizing that they are under serving their market. If you’re striving for good service in your business but are not using Mike’s methods, you are leaving money on the table and many of your customers are fleeing to your competitors.

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Limiting Beliefs: Find out what’s holding back you and your business from growing wildly. You might be surprised to discover that you are unconsciously placing limitations on your own actions. In this compelling talk, Mike exposes the anchors that weigh you down and shows you how to break through. Audiences call this talk “life changing.”

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Additional Trade Lines: If you run a service business right now, you might be focused on one or two trade lines. But Mike reveals how industry trends necessitate that you increase your trade lines… then he reveals his proven method to painlessly grow your trade lines with surprisingly little effort, investment, or risk. If you want to be relevant in the service business tomorrow, you need to hear this talk!

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Market Domination: Some service business owners are content with the size they’ve grown to, but Mike exposes the thinking of what market domination really is and how every business needs to dominate its own market. He shows that market domination is not about size but rather about value, service, and brand recognition and then he shows you exactly how to dominate your own market.

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Here Are Some Of The Most-Requested Formats For Mike’s Presentations:

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Put Mike in front of an audience and you’ll have a rapt audience the entire time – begging for more by the end. Mike’s engaging style and highly relevant topics will strike at the heart of your audience’s most pressing problems. He’ll connect with the audience by sharing his own story and then reveal powerful insights and ideas that they can apply immediately in their businesses.  Mike’s keynote presentations are customized and focused on rapidly connecting with his audience and then transforming their mindsets and businesses to create massive shifts in what they can achieve.

Program Length: Varies (usually 60 – 90 minutes).

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If you want to provide a hands-on, interactive workshop to your audience then Mike’s half- or full-day workshop/seminar presentations will wow your audience. These sessions not only deliver a customized experience, they’re also interactive, enriching your audience with highly specific actions and answers to their questions. Audiences love Mike’s focus – not on theory but on market-tested strategies that each audience member can turn into real actions.

Program Length: 4-8 hours.

Materials Included: Customized workbook and handouts, case studies, examples, worksheets, and Mike’s own 90 Day Warrior Road Map.

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Audiences love seeing Mike on webinars. Between his dynamic style and his tattoos, Mike isn’t afraid of saying what needs to be said and he’ll engage your audience while doing so. As with all of Mike’s presentations, his content will be customized for your audience and delivered with an emphasis on serving and value. Mike is available for single webinars to cover one or more topics, or for a webinar series to build on a topic over time.

Program Length: 1-6 webinars that are 60-90 minutes in length.

Materials Included: Customized workbook and handouts, case studies, examples and worksheets.

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Podcasts hosts frequently ask for Mike because audiences request him so often. If you want a fresh, dynamic podcast episode that your audience will love, download frequently, and talk about over and over, you’ll want Mike on your show. Your audience will hear about Mike’s compelling story, he’ll share his actionable insights, and he’ll shape his message to your podcast theme and to your specific audience.

Program Length: 30 – 60 minutes.



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