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“STOP PUTTING OUT FIRES: 4 Strategies To Eliminate Daily Problems So You Can Focus On Business Growth”

Now that you’ve downloaded it, take just a few moments and discover some of the results our clients and customers are gaining as they transform their service businesses and lives to further their success:

John Kocot – JP Plumbing and Heating

He has the drive to want to teach people what he's learned. He basically doesn't want people to have the same mistakes he had in his first ten years of business. He wants to see people thrive in business.

Alex Kelly – Trade Mark Home Services

I would recommend someone that's on the fence thinking about coming or not coming just to … You're definitely going to get your money's worth coming here, for sure.

Teresa Grimsley – A Plus Plumbing

I think it's wonderful. I needed the kick. I need to get motivated again, and Michael's just the person to do it. I think we were complacent and I think we do the day-to-day stuff and it's just … You get in this regime, I think. To get motivated and actually get challenged again is something we haven't been for a long time, or I haven't been. This is what I needed. I recommend it.

Joe Collins – Einstein's Plumbing and Heating

“After working with Mike our phone rings every day. In just a month and a half of implementing Mike’s strategies we get about 30 calls a month, and before we were barely getting 10.”

Phil Tromba – Tiger Heating and Air

The training's fantastic. This is a different … It's different than going to a seminar and getting a pep talk and so forth. These are actually things that you can put into motion right away.