What Will I Cover?

  • You’ll hear about how I built the brand from nothing (remember – it was just a sideline before I made the switch) into a multi-million dollar business.
  • You’ll discover the small changes I made to my brand to that dramatically increased my positioning in the market.
  • You’ll hear about the importance of Core Values (maybe you have some already but are you using them the “right” way? Most aren’t).
  • You’ll learn the specific strategies I used to become THE go-to coach in my industry (and why my competitors are now quaking in their boots!).
  • You’ll get the exact steps I used to find the right audience (the ones willing to pay) and how I marketed to them and turned them into eager buyers.
  • You’ll get a list of the exact online presence you need and how it all works together (this can put more than $100k in your pocket if you do it right).
  • You’ll get my “plug-n-play” marketing plan that you can tweak for your own industry (works in any industry) and implement immediately for rapid growth.
  • You’ll also see how I get a horde of eager buyers to hire me for coaching – without any distasteful selling (or any selling at all, actually)… coaches love this because it’s SO much more authentic and serves your audience at a higher level.

It's Also For Current Practicing Coaches!

If you’re a coach who is currently practicing but working too hard and not making anywhere near the 7-figures you’d like to be making, then I’d like to spend 1 day showing you the exact strategies I used to escalate my coaching business into a 7-figure business in less than 2 years.
Simply click the button below to access the short application form. (Note: not everyone who applies will be accepted.) I’ll get in touch and share with you all of the details, including the date, time, and investment of the event.
And the best part is: you have nothing to lose. If I don’t share more than $1 million worth of strategies before the 10 a.m. break of that day, I will refund your entire investment.
UPDATE: This 1-day program is only for 20 people but 12 have already applied so there is only room for 8 more.
Here's What To Do Now

If you're currently an overworked, underpaid coach, consultant, or mentor who would like to work less but earn a 7-figure income, apply to participate in my 1-day event to discover the exact secrets I used to grow my coaching business.

Learn the easy way how to set up your fondation, your systems, procedures, website, learn successful marketing, how to leverage your marketingm raise your prices and earn what you are worth!

I've laid it all out for your - a blueprint for your to run with and earn a 7 figure business!

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Mike Agugliaro
Author of The Secrets Of Business Mastery, Secrets Of Leadership Mastery, and Secrets Of Communication Mastery