business owner eventService Business Edge is the CEO Warrior 4-day event where we share all of our proven strategies and templates and systems to help you grow.

We share it all! It’s the playbook that CEO Warrior founders Mike and Rob used to grow their home service business from under a million a year to over $30 million a year before selling it.

If you are attending Service Business Edge (or if you are thinking about attending but haven’t registered for Service Business Edge yet) then you’ll love this article where we share the 7 things every business owner should do before coming to the event.

Look, coming to Service Business Edge is an investment—of your money and your time—so it’s important that you make the most out of it, right?

(There’s no risk because even if you show up, you’ll get a million dollars’ worth of money-making or money saving ideas on the very first day or we’ll refund your ticket price PLUS your travel costs.)

So, how do you get the most out of the event? How do you wring every cent of value from your experience?

Here’s what we suggest:

#1. Make sure you have joined CEO Warrior World.

CEO Warrior World is our Facebook group where we connect with service business owners and share exclusive training and tips that you won’t hear anywhere else. You’ll have a chance to meet some of the people who will be attending Service Business Edge, including our Warriors (high-level service business owners who have worked with us for a while and who regularly attend our events). Go to to get to the Facebook group, and then request to join.

#2. Attend the pre-event training.

Depending on the level of ticket you have, there may be some pre-event trainings available. You should attend that training and participate. It will set the stage for you and help you start building and implementing even before you get to Service Business Edge.

#3. Access the resources.

There is a ton of resources on the CEO Warrior website to help you. You should read the blog, watch Warrior TV, and listen to the podcast. Spend just 15 minutes a day watching the material before you get to Service Business Edge. Why should you do this? It’s simple: when you hear a concept for the first time, your brain needs time to process it. When you hear it for a second and third time, you’ll start to understand it at a deeper level. So, reviewing the free material on the CEO Warrior website exposes you to many of the ideas (at a very high level) that you’ll be digging into at Service Business Edge. You’ll already be familiar with some of the language we use, the concepts we use, the strategies we talk about, so you won’t be hearing them for the first time but you’ll be hearing them at a MUCH deeper level. It’s a powerful shift and the people who get the most out of Service Business Edge do this.

#4. Write down a list of challenges you face in your business.

This can be painful to think about but it can also be extremely valuable. Write down a list of the challenges you face in your business. It doesn’t matter how big or small those problems are. It could be a huge problem that affects your entire business (“we’re just not profitable”) or a small problem with one employee (“he always shows up with a stained shirt”) or even a problem that impacts your life at home (“I never get out of the office on time”). Don’t worry, YOU WON’T BE ASKED TO REVEAL THIS LIST TO ANYONE. However, making this list helps you to come to Service Business Edge with a laser-focus. You’ll hear strategies that will help to solve nearly every problem or challenge on your list… and you are always free to talk to our Master Advisors about specific challenges if you don’t hear the solution while you’re at Service Business Edge. Start the list in a notebook and you may need to add to the list in the days and weeks leading up to Service Business Edge. It’s perfectly fine to have dozens or even hundreds of problems—we’ll likely give you the resources and tools and strategies to solve most of them when you’re here.

#5. Write down a list of opportunities you have that you need to figure out.

Are you thinking about accepting an offer from someone who wants to buy your business? Are you thinking about acquiring a business? Are you thinking about entering a new market? Are you thinking about handing off your business to someone else? Whatever the situation, you probably have opportunities that you are weighing. Even if you’re not sure if it’s a good opportunity or not, write it down. Create a list so you can come to Service Business Edge with a list of opportunities, and we’ll give you some tools to help you review each of these opportunities and decide which ones to pursue and which ones to pass on.

#6. Write down a list of goals and dreams you have for your business and your life.

Want to know one of the most powerful but under-utilized strategies? In the same notebook you used for your problems and your opportunities, write down a list of goals and dreams you have. Be sure to include goals for your business and your life because both are important (and they feed into each other). Make a big list of goals and dreams, even if some of them seem out of reach for you. Make more money? Take your spouse on a vacation? Quit smoking? Sell your business? Whatever goals and dreams you have, write them down. At Service Business Edge we’ll help you find the right strategies (and implement them) to achieve more of your goals faster than you thought.

#7. Get honest.

This could be the hardest one of them all: Service Business Edge will only serve you if you can be honest with yourself about yourself and your business. Service Business Edge is an intense experience with a firehose of strategies but we also take time to help you build an implementation plan those strategies. What that means is: if you are struggling in your business but pretending> to be successful, you’ll be doing yourself a disservice by skipping over the strategies and implementation opportunities that could serve you the most. Get honest with yourself and you will get WAY more out of Service Business Edge.

Service Business Edge—Get The Warrior Blueprint To Growing Your Business

Service Business Edge is where it can all change for you if you’re ready and willing to allow that change to happen. If you’re coming to the event, or thinking about coming, then these 7 steps will help you to build the foundation to maximize the return on your investment and help you get the most out of Service Business Edge