At CEO Warrior, we’re keen on helping you avoid making the same mistakes we have. You’ve probably read and heard plenty on what successful business owners do, but rarely do you hear about what they don’t do. Entrepreneur listed nine things, and we’ve highlighted the top five:

 – You Won’t Let Anyone Limit Your Joy: It’s good to be proud of what you’ve accomplished. Successful people won’t let competitors’ accomplishments diminish or discredit what they have done, but they will use it as motivation to continue to improve their business.

– You Won’t Die in the Fight: Being able to check your emotions at the door will allow you to objectively deal with issues that will arise. This means understanding when to battle and when to let things go. Not everything is worth fighting for, but when it is you need to have the skills to strategically position yourself to win.

– You Won’t Prioritize Perfection: When perfection is your ultimate goal, you are preparing to fail. Instead, prioritize specific and attainable goals for you and your company, so you are able to celebrate what you have accomplished instead of focusing on something you will never be able to achieve.

– You Won’t Live in the Past: The past should be learned from, but not dwelled on. Don’t obsess over past failures, or successes. All that matters is the present and the future. Set goals, put processes in place, and start moving forward to obtain the success you want. It’s there for the taking, but you have to get up and go get it.

– You Won’t Say Yes Unless You Really Want To: Saying yes to everything will lead to more stress, burnout and potentially depression. Evaluate what’s important, determine a “Top 3”, and if anything you’re asked to do won’t have a positive impact on those three things, then you should say no. Setting boundaries allows you to start to regain control of your life.

Are you not doing these things? Are you ready to make a change and get your business, and life, back? It’s time to get started with CEO Warrior. I have been in the home service business for over a decade, and I’m still in it. I can help you get back on track to becoming a successful business owner with my small business coaching service.


Mike Agugliaro, Business Warrior