March 24-27, 2015

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Mike Agugliaro, multi-million dollar business owner, business consultant, business mentor, entrepreneur, author of “The Secrets of Business Mastery,” martial arts expert and well-known “ninja business warrior,” is holding a truly one-of-a-kind ultimate contracting business blueprint workshop and boot camp! This four-day event is something you will never forget, and neither will your competition – because they won’t see it coming!

Here are just few of the things you'll discover at this workshop:

  • How to create systems that bring you new, QUALITY customers automatically
  • Simple processes to brand yourself as the top contractor in your marketplace and dominate the top-of-mind position
  • Mike’s individualized, systematic approach to creating POWERFUL marketing campaigns that out-perform your competitors’ efforts
  • How to build a referral culture that cures your need for having to spend money to acquire new customers… assuring they come to you instead
  • How to easily and quickly unearth new profit centers in your existing business you didn’t realize were there… with Mike’s guaranteed technique
  • How and where to recruit the best talent to work for you. Learn how getting superstars to join your team will be a question of “How many do you want” instead of “If I only had…”
  • How to build and grow a top-shelf business that runs itself so you can enjoy more personal freedom

These bullet points are just the beginning. 

To be clear…this isn’t for wimps. It’s a laser-focused hands-on workshop and boot camp meant to take your existing so-so business, or a business you can’t seem to kick-start, and shift it into high gear. Mike will offer you clear-cut reasons why you aren’t slam dunking and tell you exactly what you need to do to fix the problem. He’ll help you blow away the competition, and help you remove the roadblocks that are inhibiting your ability to making more money than you ever imagined.

These workshops are very limited … because of the intense nature of the event, only a few construction business owners can be accommodated. Don’t wonder “What if.”  Invest in yourself. You will not regret it … guaranteed.

Call Mike for a one-on-one assessment to see if the workshop is for you!!