4 Types Of Content To Add To Your Blog
4 Types Of Content To Add To Your Blog

Every home service business should have a website – it’s one of the top ways that customers are now searching for a home service business to help them.

And on your website you should consider adding a blog. A blog is a collection of regular posts you make that your prospective customers can read for valuable information. Blogs provide “sticky” content that keeps customers coming back, they help to position you as a leader in your market, they inform the world about what’s happening in your business, and they also provide search engine optimization benefits, too.

But if you’ve ever had a blog then you know how hard it can be to create regular blog posts. Anyone will tell you that sitting down to write a post will probably mean that an hour from now you’ll still be staring at a blank page.

To help you, here are 4 types of content to add to your blog.

Content type #1: How To

While you probably don’t want your customers doing too much “DIY” in their home’s HVAC, plumbing, or electrical systems, a little bit of how-to information can be helpful. For example, show them how to reset a breaker switch, clean and replace an HVAC filter, or turn off the main water valve to their home. These small but useful tips will empower your customer while also reinforcing your own expertise on the topic.

Bonus idea: you should record these how-to instructions, post them on Facebook, and then embed the video into your blog for the most powerful form of instruction.

Content type #2: Team Introductions

If you want to connect with your customers then tell them about your team. Interview each of your employees and post the blog with a picture, a list of their qualifications (if applicable), and a bit of friendly information. This is also a useful idea to help your customers feel at ease about whether the person who is coming to their house actually works for you.

Content type #3: Local News (As It Pertains To Home Services)

I’m not suggesting that your blog become just another news outlet. However, your site can become a valuable source of information and guidance to help homeowners protect their homes. For example, in hurricane season, post updates about hurricanes, information about how to stay safe in a hurricane, and ideas about how your company can help them (such as with generators, surge protectors, sump pumps, etc.)

Content type #4: Home-Specific Information

Although you might provide a few trade-lines that are specific to home services, you may want to position yourself in your market as someone who ultimately helps customers care for and protect their home. Therefore, you may consider posting other useful home-related information such as: how to protect from burglary, top home renovations to increase their home’s resale value, decorating ideas, etc. Again, these might not seem to be related to home services but your customer is focused on the safety and comfort of their home overall and you can talk to them about THAT broader topic to help associate your business with their home.


While there are, of course, many other ideas for content, these are 4 excellent content types that you can put into a rotation. Post 1 every week or two and you’ll have more than enough to keep your blog post regularly filled with great content!


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