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In this edition of Home Service MAX Magazine you will find some amazing and insightful articles including:

  • Great Leadership in 13 Critical Steps – Learn the qualities and actions that are the mark of a true leader and how to dump the empty jargon that muddy the waters. By Jeffrey Gitomer –
  • Become a Great Communicator – 3 secret ways service business leaders can communicate more effectively to grow their business and serve their customers. By yours truly – Mike Agugliaro
  • Surviving your personal Plane Crash – In business and life we all will have our own “crash”. The last passenger off “The Miracle on the Hudson” flight distills the lessons to help you survive yours. By Dave Sanderson
  • FAILURE – The Pre-requisite to Success – 5 techniques for dealing with negative emotions so you can continue your journey to the top. By J.Massey


Mike Agugliaro

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