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2021 Is The Year for Change!

You and your business survived 2020! Given the year it’s been, that is an accomplishment. But, now, it’s a new year! Steven Spielberg has said, All of us every single year, we’re a different person. I don’t think we’re the same person all our lives.” New year. New you. New opportunity to change your home services business.

Are you wanting to grow your business? Add a trade-line? Do you want to strengthen your brand and attract better customers? Are you looking to be more profitable and increase your revenue to $2 million? $5 million? Do you want to grow your team of service experts? What are you looking to change in 2021?

Instead of making some New Year’s resolutions for your business, follow these five steps to actually make the changes this year.

1. Make a plan

“If you fail to plan, you plan to… fail!” You’ve heard Mike Agugliaro say that and it is so true! A New Year’s resolution isn’t enough. You need to write it down, picture what it looks like and then write up a plan to make it happen. Begin with the end in mind and then work backwards, defining targets that you will need to hit along the way to get there.

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2. Fill in the gaps

If you could do it alone, you would’ve done it already. What are the gaps in your plan? If you haven’t been able to break $2 million in revenue for the last three years, what’s different in your plan for this year? Whether you need to consult with a coach at CEO Warrior, get yourself some training, or hire someone to improve your marketing, take the actions needed to fill in the gaps and make your 2021 plan stronger.

3. Measure what matters

Once you have a plan and you know what you’re aiming to change this year, define your key performance indicators (KPIs) so you can measure where you’re at compared to where you need to be to hit your targets. Decide what you need to track quarterly, monthly, weekly and even daily to ensure the plan is accomplished this year.

4. Don’t drop the ball

We don’t want you to make New Year’s resolutions for your business because we know that 80% of the resolutions people make to lose weight or go to the gym are abandoned by February. That’s we want you to make a plan, get your team on board with that plan, and then keep that plan on track.

5. Reward success

As your plan starts turning into reality, how will you reward success? If your employees hit their KPIs for the first quarter, what tangible reward will you give them? You can make this your best year in business. How will you celebrate hitting your revenue or growth targets?


One year from now, in January 2022, your business will be stronger, better and bigger if you make a plan now and execute on it. You know that many people are making New Year’s resolutions to lose weight and most of them are going to fail. As Dr. Phil says, “A year from now, you're gonna weigh more or less than what you do right now.” If you want to weigh less, a resolution won’t do it. You need a plan. A year from now, your business is going to be more or less successful than it is right now. Make a plan, fill in the gaps and execute on that plan for change in 2021.

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